BitPay Partners with SurfEasy: Pay for No-Log VPN Using Bitcoin

BitPay, a Bitcoin payment processing company, has announced that they are partnering up with SurfEasy so that SurfEasy customers can pay for a no-log VPN service with Bitcoin. SurfEasy specializes in privacy and focuses on making the internet safe, secure, and private for users. SurfEasy does not keep any personal information about customers or what they do online, downloads and browsing histories are not stored anywhere. SurfEasy believes in privacy by design rather than by trust.

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SurfEasy: No-Log VPN Partners with BitPay

SurfEasy is excited to partner with BitPay to allow customers the ability to pay in Bitcoin. By paying with Bitcoin, the entire process is completely anonymous. Users will no longer need to worry about having their identity associated with their payment for the service. Thus, Bitcoin enables even more privacy for subscribers to the service.

After many users had requested the ability to pay in Bitcoin, SurfEasy teamed up with Bitpay to allow fully anonymous payments. SurfEasy chose BitPay for their fast transactions and reliable service. Bitcoin transactions can protect users from fraudulent charges and identity theft. Shopping with Bitcoin online is not only secure, but easy. SurfEasy protects online privacy, unblocks websites and applications, protects security on Wi-Fi hotspots, prevents ad tracking, and encrypts all data in and out of the user's device with one application.

With the technology of digital currencies, many users want increased privacy in their transactions. While Bitcoin has a public ledger of all transactions, there is a high demand for platforms or companies that will give users more privacy when making transactions in Bitcoin. VPNs, Proxy servers, and encrypted data are all being developed to give more privacy and security to Bitcoin users.

BitPay has been spearheading efforts to increase consumer adoption of Bitcoin. By increasing the number of businesses that accept Bitcoin, BitPay can help increase the global adoption rate of Bitcoin. From the start of this year, many web-based services have begun to accept Bitcoin due to the numerous advantages that come along with the currency. Bitcoin payment processors give companies the benefits of accepting Bitcoin while still protecting clients against the volatile nature of the market. Bitcoin payment processing companies play a vital role in increasing the spendable nature of Bitcoin.

BitPay recently announced plans to have one million merchants accepting Bitcoin by the end of 2016. In addition to their ambitious goals, BitPay offers a lot of services including access to apps, API, E-commerce plugin integration, and email support for all merchants using the free account. The next tier up (which costs money monthly) gives customers QuickBooks integration, access to phone support, and VPN access. BitPay's ambitious yet realistic goals are likely to be achieved. Bitcoin is establishing great momentum through payment processing companies and a growing user base. By making it easier for merchants to accept Bitcoin, the currency can grow at a faster rate than it ever could alone.

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