Bitpay opens first European office in Amsterdam

Christoph Marckx @cryptomaniacs
April 2, 2014
Bitpay CEO Tony Gallippi says rebranding and opening an Amsterdam office is just the tip of the iceberg. BitPay has more exciting plans for the future.

Bitcoin payment provider Bitpay will be opening its European headquarters in Dutch capital Amsterdam. The office will handle sales, implementation and merchant support for all European customers. At this moment, Bitpay offers its services to 7,000 merchants all over Europe. By the end of 2014, the company has set a goal of acquiring and serving 30,000 merchants in the continent.

New people

Opening a new office brings new career opportunities with it. Moe Levin has joined Bitpay as the company’s European Director of Business Development. The Bitcoin fanatic speaks five languages and has several years of experience, most recently as a conference organizer in Amsterdam and Miami. Pieter Poorthuis will be Senior Sales Engineer, responsible for sales and customer implementations in the Eurozone. Finally, Marcel Roelants joins Bitpay’s Board of Advisors. As a former general manager of Mastercard in the Netherlands and managing director of Belgian General Electric, he will definitely bring the necessary experience and knowledge to Bitpay.

“Being Bitcoin ready is about more than accepting bitcoin, it’s about being ready for the future,” says Levin.

“As the world of payments is changing rapidly, being on the forefront, BitPay offers technology and support to merchants,” says Roelants. “Establishing its headquarters in Amsterdam is a great way to be closer to its European customers.”

As one of Bitcoin’s biggest players, Bitpay is keen on expanding worldwide. To further increase its professionalism, Bitpay reinvented itself through a rebranding and design overhaul.

“It’s time our visual identity matched our new core, so today we’re launching an updated web presence and a new brand (open-sourced, of course). Our new wordmark is a simple derivative of our name in Ubuntu- a distinctive, open-source, humanist-style font, commonly used to represent bitcoin. In our wordmark, BitPay is set in lowercase, as it is used by developers. We’ve also opted to focus on promoting bitcoin in places where we would otherwise promote our old brandmark.”

Exciting times

The launch of its new logo and opening of its first European office prove that Bitpay intends on being a serious player in the world of online enterprises. Adding two employees in Amsterdam brings Bitpay’s worldwide headcount to 33. To spread its name even further, the company sponsors numerous Bitcoin events with the biggest one yet to come. On April 24th and 25th, Amsterdam will be the host of the Bitcoin2014 conference. With big keynote speakers and pretty much every Bitcoin enterprise present to showcase their achievements and plans, this will be a very important Bitcoin event. Bitpay will be there and is one of the bigger sponsors for this event.

“It’s also an exciting time in the bitcoin space and with the opening of our new office in Amsterdam, we are looking to hire the world’s best developers to build the world’s best payment system. Our rebranding and web presence update is an ongoing process, and with a number of other big developments on the horizon, we’re extremely excited about 2014 and the future of bitcoin.”, Said BitPay’s Co-Founder and CEO, Tony Gallippi. If Bitpay can make their plans come true, there are exciting times ahead indeed.

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