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BitMart Labs Hosted 2019 Block Plus Summit, Kicking off the New York Consensus Week

Last Updated May 2, 2023 7:19 AM
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Last Updated May 2, 2023 7:19 AM

New York, May 11, 2019 Block Plus Summit was hosted by BitMart Labs , an international blockchain incubator launched by BitMart Exchange .The event brought together over 200 blockchain investors, traders, and enthusiasts across the globe, making it the most exciting conference during the New York Consensus week.

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Co-hosted by Spark Digital Capital , a leading blockchain investment company, Asian American Bar Association of New York (AABANY) and Block Talk, a community focused social media app, the event agenda was packed with insights from industry leaders and keynote speakers.

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“The past year has been eventful for the world and remarkable for the blockchain industry. I hope BitMart could contribute with its Asian and international presence, continually building bridges between blockchain professionals and leading institutions in Asia and the West,” said Sheldon Xia , Founder & CEO of BitMart, in his opening remarks.


The conference’s panel discussions involve blockchain research, technology, the landscape of Security Token Offering (STO) market, platform wars, and privacy protection as well as investment insights. It aims to bring together the elites of the blockchain industry from top entrepreneurs, exchange platforms, advisory, and law firms to share valuable insights on challenges and solutions associated with STO, blockchain application in the traditional financial market and the second wave of Dapp development.

“Ever since blockchain has swallowed my practice, it is becoming the most fun time in my career,” said Lee Schneider, the General Counsel of Block.One. “A key part of my work now involves educating the public on cryptocurrency issues and that includes speaking at universities and conferences.” He has been recognized as one of the leading voices in blockchain related regulation and compliance, and has played a role in structuring several of the largest and most successful blockchain-related projects.

About BitMart Labs

BitMart Labs  is an international blockchain incubation platform launched by the premier global digital asset trading platform BitMart. BitMart collaborates with the world’s top funds in providing a variety of powerful services, including technical and marketing solutions for high-quality projects, so as to help the development and incubation of potential projects. BitMart Labs is dedicated to selecting quality projects with the strictest standards and elevating them to the next level.

About BitMart

BitMart  is a premier global digital asset trading platform with over 700,000 users worldwide. BitMart currently offers 217 trading pairs  with some of the lowest trading fees  in the market.

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