Bitmain Announces 1.8 th/s or 2 th/s Upgrade Path for Antminer S2 Owners

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May 15, 2014 11:00 AM UTC

Bitmain announced today an upgrade path for existing Antminer S2 owners that will allow for an upgrade to 1.8 th/s or 2 th/s.

Bitmain Announces 1.8 th/s to 2 th/s Upgrade Path for Antminer S2 Owners.

Right now details are scarce, and many are speculating that it is either a firmware and PSU upgrade to new blades to replace existing ones. The time frame is looking like it will happen in under three months. Bitmain’s official statement on BitcoinTalk was the following:
A short, good news for the S2 buyer is that we will let the S2 to upgrade to 1.8TH/s or 2TH/s at very low cost which you can only image now in the August or September. It still depends on many factors to let us achieve that and detailed plan needs to be drafted, But we are very confident that we can make it.

[dropcap size=small]B[/dropcap]itmain is a company that has a history of following through with their announcements and delivering their ASIC miners  in a timely manner. I wonder if it could be a die shrink and firmware optimization or possibly something new? When a kendog77 of BitcoinTalk asked for clarification, he got an interesting answer from Juan of 112bit the leading Authorized Re-seller of Bitmain products in North America.

kendog77: Just so we’re clear, are you saying that you will provide a low cost way to overclock the current S2 to 1.8TH/s or 2TH/s in August or September? Juan:  :-) Did you think will take Bitmain 3 months to do OC?

This statement leads me to believe there is much more in the works from Bitmain. I asked Juan Garavaglia the announcement. Could you tell me how you feel about the upgrade?

I think will be very interesting because reduce a lot the cost per GH and recycle many parts so cost drop.

With all the scrypt ASIC miners coming to the market, I cannot help but wonder if they are going to be announcing getting into that market as well in the near future. When Bitmain announced the Antminer S2 on March 14th of this year people were skeptical that they would ship on April 1st. Disbelief in shipping dates from the community are nothing new, mainly due to so many companies not following through. When Bitmain shipped, the S2s on time there was a collective sigh of relief in the mining community. They continued to ship them and have been tweaking the existing design to mitigate movement of the blades in the unit. What does this mean for the future of the Antminer S1? Could it’s days be numbered?
The Antminer S1 has been dropping steadily in price since the S2 announcement. You can purchase one for as little as $213. That is an unheard of price. The Antminer S1 runs at 180 gh/s to 200 gh/s range making it a bargain at just over $1 per gh/s. Bitmain is also testing the waters of a group buy deal on the Antminer S2. Right now they are selling 100 units for $1650. With the low priced groupbuy I hope it is the beginning of a trend to get prices down for customers from more manufacturers. The more people who are mining, the better the Bitcoin network is. The Bitcoin network is supposed to be decentralized not monopolized. Bitmain is also offering hosting in North America as well. The hosting option will allow the customer to keep complete control of where and what they mine. It is not a large data center where you buy a share and have no control over your miners. Another bold move by Bitmain. Hosting packages through 112bit who is one of the 3 Official Bitmain distributors.

Antminer S2 Hosting in North America

Big news again from Bitmain and another nail in the coffin some other manufacturers are building by not following through on their promises and announcements. Bitmain, Spondoolies, Zeusminer and a few others are going to make BFL and KNC’s miners obsolete before they even hit customers homes. I hope this trend continues as it will mean faster better priced miner with followup up support and upgrades. I feel this is what the market should be not a pre-order treadmill that ties up peoples’ money and stifles innovation while making only  a few people rich.

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