BitImage: Next Gen Digital Marketplace Announces Token Presale Beginning April 26, 2018

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BitImage is an innovative digital media marketplace project aiming to eradicate painful issues of the most current digital media stocks by employing advanced approaches and technologies, such as blockchain, AI, machine learning, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts. These latest tech concepts together with their efficiency increase-focused expert implementation and a dedicated token will make search, purchase, and generation of unique digital content all the more seamless procedures. The project’s revolutionizing nature lies also in that it would provide the respective parties – both authors and buyers – with never before seen accessibility and benefits of digital content distribution or acquisition and serve as an ultimate bridge over the cumbersome content sales gap. How come?

Let us break it down a bit for you:

    • Implementation of blockchain decentralization capacities allows for thoroughly confirming the generated content legitimacy as well as uniqueness. Due to the decentralized content licensing, copyright issues might as well cease to give creators any trouble whatsoever. Currently, there are hardly any platforms to provide such an integral benefit, they usually prefer to not get involved in somebody’s law-based issues.
    • Artificial Intelligence makes content validation into a couple-of-minutes affair; provides advanced capacities for painlessly searching the required unique content (as opposed to veritable searching mazes provided by most media stocks), conducting in-depth analyses and analytics of data and trends; allow for constant enhancement of services due to machine learning.
    • On-demand content purchase, implying ordering custom content implementation – a non-existent feature for most digital content marketplaces, will open new opportunities for creators and increase a level of satisfaction for clients.  
    • Involvement of cryptocurrency allows for: reduction of costs, making transactions instant, availability of conducting transactions 24/7/365 without any geographical boundaries whatsoever. Overall, crypto is safer, more reliable, and secure compared to flat money purchases. Smart contracts push the benefits even farther, providing confidentiality of transactions and eradicating any third-party involvement.

The core of the platform is quite complex and technologically interspersed. From the perspective of both buyers and authors, however, everything is quite seamless and accessible: a buyer either searches existing database for the required content or orders a custom, turnkey solution whereas creators, respectively, either post their existing content or take up an order for the creation of a custom solution.

The ultimate BitImage project implementation which is to take place in the nearest future will consist of the development of dedicated iOS and Android apps as well as of a web solution, admin panel, API for integration of external services, and graphic editor plugins. iOS, Android, and web solutions will all feature same functionality.   

As to the BIM tokens – 10 000,000,000 of them will be provided in total. The cryptographic tokens are based on Ethereum blockchain’s ERC-20 standard which ensures their proper function in decentralized environments, interaction with smart contracts and correspondence with the security standard. In the confines of BitImage, users will be able to use tokens for easily, securely purchasing or ordering content. 62% of the initially created tokens will be sold during presale and subsequent crowdsale.

The ultimate goal is collect $21M for the project implementation based on a thoroughly worked-out roadmap.

The pre-sale is to be initiated on April, 26 and will have been ended by May 17, 2018. All the tokens left unsold will be available afterwards, during the public sale.

The pre-sale contributors will be able to purchase 1 billion BitImage tokens by contributing at least 0.1 ETH and no more than 500 ETH. The aim is to collect at least 2600 ETH ≈ $1M.

BitImage digital content marketplace is a next-generation platform that will make the life of content creators and people looking for unique digital assets online all over the world much easier. The benefits are clear and plentiful. All that is needed now is your help in making this extensively helpful concept a reality. Contribute to the project!