Gotham CookiesWelcome to Bitecoin, where CCN’s Calvin Tran reviews food bought with Bitcoin.

I have tested my taste-buds on some delicious cookies from a local baker, Liz Bresler of Gotham Cookies. The BitPay recently did a small profile for their blog.

Gotham Cookies is a New York City-based artisan cookie company. They offer a wide range of flavors, from the irrepressible Chocolate Chip and Cookie-n-Creme, to the more varied and unique Apple Pie and Crème Brûlée as well as custom flavors for parties and other events. While Gotham Cookies is willing to hand deliver locally around New York City, they’re more than glad to ship to anywhere in the continental United States, making them a favorite flavor in the Bitcoin community.

What’s also cool is that the owners are big Bitcoin advocates. When I ordered from them, they emailed me later that day. In the email, they mentioned being excited early adopters and we had a good talk about it when she hand delivered the cookies to the Bitcoin Center NYC.

Purchasing Coockies for Bitcoin

Visit the Gotham Cookies home page and you’ll be welcomed by an array of some incredible looking cookies. Click through to their Shopify page and you can order boxes of cookies. They come in a dozen cookies for $30 or eighteen cookies for $45. You can choose which cookies you want or you can purchase them in an assorted variety.

Their site uses Shopify, a web host for many merchants. Shopify gives their merchants the option of accepting Bitcoin.

Yes, these cookies are pretty pricey, but if you’re looking to go all out for a wedding or other big event, I believe this may be worth the budget.


After Liz hand delivered the cookies, I was ready to devour the contents. Inside the cute gift bag is the awaiting box of cookies, complete with ribbon and the Gotham Cookies logo. Open the box and you’ll find each cookie packaged in its own individual sealed baggie. These babies have a shelf-life of a week and can be stored in your freezer for up to a month.

Mint Chocolate

DoubleChocolateMintMy first cookie was the mint chocolate. The first bite greets you with a soft, yet crunchy texture, giving you a perfect hint of mint that doesn’t crowd or overpower the mouth. The mint flavor carries evenly into every bite. Overall, this has got to be one of the most balanced and well-thought out mint chocolate flavors I have ever experienced.

Bacon Peanut Crunch


Putting bacon in new foods has been a big thing in recent years and I decided I might as well try it out. This Bacon-Peanut cookie was definitely a bar-raiser. The sweet and salty taste of the peanut complemented the crunch and umami bits of the bacon. My only suggestion is to add more bacon.


CookiesnCreamThe Cookies-n-Cream flavor is my go-to in any sweets situation, be it ice cream, cakes, or candy, so I had high expectations for this one. This cookie had a delicate flavor that I wish was more creamy than cookie-y. The chocolate was fantastic and the softness of the cookie was grand, making this cookie taste like an oreo without the mass-production – a taste with great attention to detail.

Salted Caramel – Signature Cookie

SaltedCaramel2The crème de la crème of Gotham Cookies is their signature cookie, the Salted Caramel. This cookie just absolutely blew me away. Opening the packaging, you are met with a heavenly scent of robust caramel. Take your first bite and the cookie literally melts in your mouth. This incredible cookie is perfectly layered to present every nibble with a delicate balance of the rich and bold flavors of chocolate and caramel. Good to the last bite, I understand why this is Gotham Cookies’ Signature Cookie.

The Verdict

While pricey, this may just be the perfect choice for fancy gatherings or just enjoying some fantastic cookies. They ship to throughout the continental US so I suggest this to everyone, not just Big Apple Bitcoiners.

As for CryptoCoinsNews, I’m Calvin Tran, wishing you the best bits of Bitcoin’s bites.