Bitcoin Chamber

Bitcoin ChamberToday The North American Bitcoin Conference located in Chicago opened with an announcement of Bitcoin’s first government affairs office. The Chamber of Digital Commerce in Washington D.C. was founded and led by Perianne Boring, an enthusiastic yet serious player in this new political landscape. The move was met with excitement as Perianne tackled the big issues Bitcoin is facing, and used realistic objectives and statements that excited the crowd.

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Perianne was quick to open a discussion about the need for this type of chamber within Washington. “Many of you have expressed your concern about the lack of representation in Washington D.C.,” she said. “Make no mistake that the digital currency industry is at great political and regulatory risk.”

After the announcement of the proposed BitLicense regulation in New York, there isn’t a shadow of a doubt in anyone’s mind that that sentiment is true. Even Satoshi Nakamoto would be a criminal under these laws. Perianne looks to make sure that Bitcoin is represented fairly and appropriately among a sea of political players that may not fully understand digital currency.

The Chamber of Digital Commerce will be split into three sections: Government affairs, public affairs and third-party affairs. The chamber plans t promote understand of the value of digital currencies and assets and the use of these innovative services and payment mechanisms. They will target lawmakers specifically, along with all federal agencies including the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of Treasury and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

One of the features of the Chamber is that they will be able to provide expert commentary hastily in an increasingly quick media landscape. They plan to work in real-time to provide information to the general public that’s true and professional.

When asked about BitLicense, Perianne responded as quickly and efficiently as her proposed platform. “My opinion is that these proposed regulations were heavy-handed, and it shows the need for this organization,” she said.

It was then at that point she dropped the line that put everything into perspective.

“It’s like telling a spaceship it has to operate on a train track.”

The sentiment was met with a rousing round of applause from the audience as everyone looked around with smiles on their faces. It shows that while Bitcoin needs to work with existing political forces, the regulations proposed are archaic for the technology. It was a powerful statement that resonated with fairly well, and an excellent platform to blast off on toward Washington.

In order to help, the Chamber of Digital Commerce needs people to recruit board advisors, recruit industry leaders to form the Chamber and to lend financial support. The Chamber will operate as a non-profit, so the need for financial support goes side-by-side with the need for public support.

The Chamber of Digital Commerce is also not related to the currently existing Bitcoin Foundation. According to Perianne, when she proposed the idea to the Foundation she was told they loved it, it was a great idea, and she should “go do it herself.” Whether or not the Foundation will back the Chamber publically is unknown, but the topic is so serious that they may have to if Bitcoin is to be taken seriously in the political landscape.

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