Larry O´Brien

Bitcoin Against the World – Advantage Bitcoin!

It’s been a  real good Week for Bitcoin!

There’s been much good news about bitcoin this week.   China is back in the Bitcoin business; Forex trading instruments are being introduced and  hearings by the New York State Legislature  this week left this writer very pleased.  So I thought I would provide some  positive analysis about the  competitive advantage Bitcoin enjoys over our larger competition.

PayPal plus eBay plus Apple VS. Bitcoin

The combination of Apple, eBay and PayPal would  be a solid threat to bitcoin growth. Fortunately  they will be unlikely to  get there acts together before bitcoin has solidly entrenched itself into the market.   And these three  have  serious disadvantages that will result in Bitcoin being the victor regardless 

First and key to the competitive advantage is money.  Bitcoin is  free and PayPal is not and that is a knock  out blow over the medium and long-term.

Secondly, corporate greed and competition will be an advantage for Bitcoin. Hedge fund attack dog Carl Ichan wants eBay to spin off PayPal and so should all of us bitcoin enthusiasts.    Interestingly Icahn is also actively trying to convince  Apple Computer CEO Tim Cook to increase his share dividends and buyback programs for the good  of their  shareholders.   When outside investor greed and short-term thinking  can distract  bitcoin competitors — it’s a good thing for bitcoin.

Amazon and Visa Vs. Bitcoin

When Visa CEO Charlie Scharf stated that “We feel quite comfortable with the business we have here,” we in the bitcoin community should stay very  quiet. The key rule of business war is quite simple — never interrupt the enemy when they’re making a mistake.  Likewise when Amazon drags their heels in accepting bitcoin we should also smile and keep on building out the network.  

Western Union VS. Bitcoin

This battle will be short-lived in the world of International remittances. Their business model will be the first to crumble.

Did I mention Bitcoin is free?