military-squareNBC News reports that the U.S. Military is “…studying digital currencies, like Bitcoin, to learn if they can be traced and to figure out how they are used by America’s adversaries around the world.” My goal here is to get you to think about how this strikes into the fundamental issues built into life in the United States, where so-called “terrorism” is programmed into mainstream media every hour, on the hour.

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Where innovation through fascism is heralded, and grassroots innovations by the common man are attacked from the highest levels through regulation, taxation, and coercion. At this point, anyone who champions the 2th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (the right to bear arms), is a “Libertarian” or a member of “The Tea Party,” or a United States Military Veteran, can be considered as an “adversary around the world,” as far as the U.S. Government is concerned.

Bitcoin vs. The Financial and Military Industrial Complex

bitcoin vs. the military industrial complex
Ike told you this would happen over 50 years ago.

Financial institutions like the Federal Reserve, controlling the production of a national currency, now global currency, that they have debased every day since 1913. The Military Industrial Complex, famously exposed in earnest by outgoing President Dwight Eisenhower in his Farewell Address as U.S. President in 1961. And the “War against Terrorism,” which has been designed, created, and pumped into the mainstream by the U.S. Government, the private interests in defense contracting, the insider trading in the U.S.-controlled stock markets, and U.S. law enforcement agencies worldwide. Corruption, intimidation, and fear-mongering are now built into American culture.

The deck is stacked, the markets are rigged, and the phones are tapped, but we knew that already. The once “Land of The Free” has been truly co-opted by sinister forces, hiding in plain sight. The citizens expect this abuse of power and have been broken in spirit.  The three-headed monster in the U.S., is formed by the fascist/communist government, the established corporate interest groups, accountable to their stockholders, and the monetary systems on Wall Street, and in Washington. They are slowly starting to turn their predatory practices onto the nascent Bitcoin protocol, the last bastion of freedom in the “Land of Opportunity.”

This story about the U.S. Military investigating Bitcoin is a win-win situation for the Military Industrial Complex (click here for more information on the MIC). Is the Bitcoin Foundation, which has done absolutely nothing to strengthen Bitcoin worldwide in it’s two years of existence, dumb enough (Yeah, I said it!) to willfully aid and advise the U.S. Military, and get them up to speed on the latest in decentralized monetary technology? It would seem so. The U.S. Military and government can use this insider information against Bitcoin and the interest of Bitcoin owners. Is it possible that the U.S. Military can just strong-arm the Bitcoin Foundation into spilling the beans on the inner workings of cryptocurrency, out of shear desperation? Of course. This is America, Land of the All Seeing Eye, and Home of the Taxed.  The NSA/U.S. Government coerced Yahoo to give up all of your personal information or face a $250k fine for each day they protected your right to privacy and freedom from illegal search and seizure (the 4th Amendment).  Yet, there seems to be no indication of such practices to this point, so we’ll have to take the relationship at face value.

bitcoin vs. the military industrial complex
Hillary Clinton is on the record saying the U.S. created Al Queda. So what’s next?

A little history lesson is in order, so that we can all learn from the trials of years gone by, and have a better handle on the true nature of things, and interests of those in question, as we speak. This is all under the guise of “funding terrorists”, which is the stock line the U.S. tries to hide behind at a moment’s notice. Let’s look at the previous top terror threat, Al Queda. How did they get funded? Just ask the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton (click here).

So why wouldn’t the U.S. do it again with ISIS? Why trust their judgement? When was the last time their “interests” aligned with those of their citizens? They have a history of creating “boogie men” to chase down, and feed the Military Industrial Complex with. Who says this isn’t just “Exhibit B” of the West’s hand in creating “terrorism”, or this now 13 years old war against “terrorism” wasn’t the long-term plan of the Military Industrial Complex from the very start?

And why did the Iranian President just about call out the U.S. for creating Al Queda, ISIS, and every other terror threat in the Middle East at the United Nations General Assembly meeting this week? Not normal for a foreign President to come to American soil and accuse the West of fabricating terrorism on a conveyor belt. And what of the consistent flow of U.S. Dollars to known terrorists in Afghanistan and other nations, where the U.S. Government turns a blind eye, with a wink of complicity?

What is the point I’m getting to? This is the same game played on the U.S. people that has been played on them before. Go back 50 years to Vietnam. Like Vietnam, the goal here is not to win a war. It is to keep the war going. Keep the Military Industrial Complex funded, active, and ready. Fund the opposition, and the “Allied Forces,” so either way, you win “the war.” Ask any veteran of Vietnam to tell you what happened over there, and you’ll be surprised by what you learn from the “boots on the ground.”  Who won the Vietnam War anyway, besides the ones who received the funding to keep the war going?

This playbook worked 50 years ago and it’s used against the people once again because it works. You’re told what they want you to know. And the end always justifies the means, at least according to them. Forget the fact that Iraq has plenty of oil reserves and Afghanistan has over 90% of the world’s opium market, and focus on the REAL reason we took over these nations. “Terrorism.”

With several hundred military bases worldwide, the U.S. can hardly call themselves the global pacifist. The global community is deathly afraid of the U.S., and this is by design. Playing war games in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the next target, Syria, is just a way to keep their blade sharpened, and the rest of the world off-balance. It doesn’t take much research to see every military action worldwide has the U.S. military’s fingerprints all over it when it comes to it’s actual genesis. Plan a disruption, fund and arm a disruption, then quell it through warfare.

US Military Bases Around The World
The U.S. does not have the entire world occupied by their Military Industrial Complex. But the year isn’t over yet.

So what do the U.S.’s checkered past and imperialist military doctrines have to do with the price of Bitcoin in China? Nothing, which is my point. Bitcoin has nothing to do with this, especially compared to the U.S. Dollar, which has funded more crime, wars, and oppression than any other currency in the history of mankind. This is another way to lay a bad rap, a “false flag,” on Bitcoin, and create fear in the populace against it. Fear-mongering is the first amendment in the current U.S. Constitution. The one from “Our Founding Fathers” seems to have been filed conveniently in the nearest paper shredder.

When The West stops sending arms to terrorist factions and stops turning a blind eye to their funding in U.S. dollars. Maybe fosters a new history of foreign relations not built upon war, military occupation, and nation-building, then maybe they can look at the bad guys who send money in currencies other than the dollar. ALL currencies are used for crime. None more so than the “World’s Reserve Currency,” the U.S. Dollar. Turn off that faucet of funding, and then look at the rest of the economic landscape.

This so-called “Terrorism,” which is American-made according to Hillary Clinton, and any independent study of history is being invested into by the West through arms, dollars, and American lives. Forget the tens of thousands of innocent civilians murdered in these wars over oil, drugs, strategic control of regions. Let’s work on solving this real problem, and not the imaginary Bitcoin problem. And let’s get the Bitcoin Foundation to not work for the U.S. Military Industrial Complex’s interests, and against Bitcoin’s decentralized interests? Just a thought.

bitcoin foundation
Does the Bitcoin Foundation know what they’re doing in Washington? Based on their body of work… um… no.

Don’t fall for this Western narrative, again, put forth by NBC News, the cornerstone of mainstream media. You’ve heard this cry of wolf all your lives. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. People worldwide look at their country, occupied by the American military as terrorists. It seems the U.S. Military looks at the world, and now Bitcoin, and creates conflict.  That they are even trying to lay this American-made “Terrorism” at the feet of Bitcoin is laughable, and totally compromises any credibility they seek.

Don’t take my word for anything. If Dwight Eisenhower and Hillary Clinton telling you what’s happening isn’t enough, you deserve what you get. You can’t solve the problem without admitting you have one, and the U.S. has a big one that is baked into the cake. And if you light that candle, bombs go off in Syria.

Are you really buying the company lines anymore at this point?  Really?

Images from U.S. Army Africa/Flickr, Wikimedia, ActivistPost,, and Shutterstock.