Bitcoin Users in a Nutshell: Which Are You?

Caleb Chen @bitxbitxbitcoin
October 3, 2014

Widely renowned Youtube animation artist ZenithQuinn has released a new Youtube video that pokes some fun at the stereotypical Bitcoin user. In fact, they broke it down into several different types of people that support Bitcoin. Bitcoin users often come from different walks of life and the community is intrinsically international-facing. The video’s animation is classic and the content is poignant; however, it would have been great to see a realistic global Bitcoin user: An individual that lives in a third world country that has access to Internet but not financial institutions. Enough serious talk! See the video below and enjoy the Bitcoin User Bitcoin Experience Level rating as extrapolated below.


Bitcoin Users Bitcoin Experience Level

The Basement Dweller: Remember those 6 panel memes that used to be popular? Unfortunately, the basement dweller is often what your mom, your friends, your society, and your clients think you do. The real question here is whether or not Bitcoin causes Basement dweller syndrome or the other way around. Bitcoin experience level: All.

The Hopeful Hippy: I could swear that I’ve heard that exact thought process before… Let me wait until Bitcoin is back at a few dollars, then I’ll buy some, wait for it to go back up, and buy a Tesla! Bitcoin experience level: Low.

The Panic Seller: Bitcoin Price isn’t everything. Bitcoin experience level: Low.

The Hoarder: You don’t have to be an early adopter to be a hoarder; similarly, you don’t have to be a miner to be a hoarder either. In order to be a hoarder, you have to be comfortable enough with computers to properly secure your Bitcoin for the long term. Bitcoin experience level: High.

The Hipster: A technology’s use by hipsters is the first step towards mainstream adoption… but don’t tell the hipsters that. The Hipster is interested in Bitcoin because their Hoarder or Bitcoin Enthusiast friend showed him or her how easy mobile wallets are to use. Bitcoin experience level: Medium.

The Trustworthy Businessman: Besides the video’s Trustworthy Businessman satirical resemblance to a certain former Bitcoin exchange head, the Bitcoin Businessman is becoming increasingly common. People are leaving traditional jobs to work on the bleeding edge of technology, much like the Internet age 20 years ago. Bitcoin experience level: Questionable.

The Bitcoin Enthusiast: The Bitcoin Enthusiast can’t shut up about Bitcoin. Bitcoin users will eventually become a comfortable mixture of The Hoarder and The Bitcoin Enthusiast. Bitcoin Enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes. Bitcoin experience level: High.

With special appearance by… Dogecoin Kid: May or may not be the Bitcoin Enthusiast’s alter ego. Dogecoin Kid isn’t a Basement Dweller (yet) nor a Panic Seller. Bitcoin experience level: Medium.

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