HODL Bitcoin: Trump Signature Hikes National Debt by $1.7 Trillion

August 20, 2019 14:01 UTC

By CCN Markets: Donald Trump might not like bitcoin, but he’s doing an excellent job creating the economic conditions in which the leading cryptocurrency can thrive.

Need proof? Just look at the US national debt, which crossed the $22 trillion mark in February and has ballooned by nearly $400 billion more in the six months since then.

Trump Inflates US National Debt Balloon

The bad news for fiscal hawks – and the good news for bitcoin bulls – is that there won’t be a reprieve anytime soon.

Despite railing against the national debt during his first presidential campaign, Trump just signed a budget bill that will tack another $1.7 trillion onto the US government’s liabilities over the next decade.

US national debt has gone parabolic. | Source: Trading Economics

Want to be even more terrified? Take a brief glance at the US Debt Clock and watch those numbers spiral upwards in real-time.

While Trump continues to tout the “phenomenal” bipartisan budget agreement, the government’s debt addiction set the US economy on a dangerous path.

You’re Getting a Pay Cut – You Just Don’t Know It Yet

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the rising level of the US national debt is estimated to reduce the average American’s income by $5,000 a year within three decades.

Here’s the bottom line: More national debt means that you’ll get poorer because of irresponsible borrowing.

Thankfully, there’s an escape hatch from this slow-motion trainwreck: bitcoin.

Bitcoin: A Hedge Against the US Government’s Debt Addiction

You don’t have to worry about the bitcoin printing press working overtime to devalue your hard-earned savings. | Source: AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

Bitcoin, unlike the US dollar, has a fixed supply. Only 21 million bitcoins will ever be issued, and the keys to 23 percent of the tokens in circulation have reportedly been misplaced already.

Unlike government-run currencies, the cryptocurrency’s value depends entirely on one thing: demand.

It’s not surprising that institutional investors have started piling into bitcoin already to hedge their bets. Risky or not, BTC might just be the best way to protect yourself against the irresponsible borrowing of the US government.

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