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Bitcoin Trading Platform Coinarch Expands To Growing Chinese Market

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

Coinarch, a Singapore-based online trading platform, has recently expanded to China with support services for that market. CEO Jeremy Glaros said in an announcement that they have received interest from the Chinese market. “All the evidence globally points to the Chinese being leaders in the bitcoin trading space,” said Kimberley Silva, chief marketing officer. “This is evident in trading and exchange volume statistics globally.”

Platform has Chinese language support

chinese mineTo better serve the Chinese market, the Coinarch site is available in Chinese, offering Chinese language support. The company also appointed Eric Mu, a Beijing-based bitcoin expert, as head of development for Greater China. Coinarch is currently fully available in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Bahasa (Indonesia) and English.

“The Chinese market has shown itself to have a higher risk tolerance than other bitcoin markets, and we think the Coinarch suite of products is tailor-made to address this need,”

Silva noted.

“This is also the experience of our CEO, Jeremy Glaros, and Coinarch co-founder Mark Hergott, who both have extensive investment banking experience in East Asia. This experience included servicing both non-Chinese and ethnic Chinese clients, with the latter consistently demanding a broader range of product solutions and showing a very different risk appetite to the former.”

Coinarch did not launch a Chinese site earlier because “we did not want to be just another bitcoin trading platform offering a token Chinese language version, but rather wanted to be serious about the market; any other approach means that you are not showing the market the respect it deserves,” Silva said. “As soon as we found Eric and he agreed to join the team, we knew the time was right.”

The Coinarch team has 25 years’ experience in financial markets.

Allowing users to profit in rising and falling markets

Coinarch products allow users to profit in rising, falling or flat markets. The Coinarch Booster allows users to profit in a rising or falling market using up to 10 times leverage. The Coinarch Maximiser offers the ability to earn interest in a flat market or purchase bitcoins at a discount to the bitcoin price at deal inception.

“Unlike some alternative bitcoin trading products, our leverage products are not subject to scale backs, meaning you retain 100 percent of the profits you earn in all market conditions,” Glaros said. “This is a huge differentiator in the bitcoin trading arena. We are proud of our offering and are thrilled that our customers have responded so positively to it. Our goal now is to build the next generation of bitcoin linked products to open up new ways for participants in the bitcoin space to manage their risks and tailor their returns”.

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