Bitcoin to help paralyzed olympic athlete

March 22, 2014
Lais Souza got paralyzed during practice for Sochi 2014. The Bitcoin community tries to gather funds to help pay for her recovery.

The story of Brazilian Olympic skier Lais Souza is a sad tale. The former gymnast wanted to compete during the Winter Olympics in Sochi. While she was training in the United States, she became paralyzed after suffering a serious accident.

Shattered dreams

Lais’ dreams shattered in just a few seconds. On top of that, the Brazilian Olympic Committee also denied any link with the athlete’s accident. They said that Souza was still being prepared to become a professional skier. This means she wasn’t yet classified to go to the Winter Olympic Games. Despite the committee’s response to this tragic event, it was clear that everyone was expecting Souza to go. “Her chances were pretty good; everyone was counting on her to compete at the Olympics,” said Souza’s training partner Josi Santos.

After the Brazilian Olympic Committee’s official statement became known to the public, Brazilian people stood up and started a national fundraising campaign. Medical treatment is very expensive when it comes to serious conditions as Lais Souza’s, so any help for paying the necessary costs is welcome. One of the people who didn’t hesitate to start a campaign was Alex Ferreira.

Ferreira, well-known member of the Brazilian Bitcoin community, decided to join the fundraising campaign with the whole Bitcoin community behind him. He created a new Bitcoin wallet for this project and made sure the whole fundraising is being done in the clearest possible way. It is imperative that donors can rest assured that all the payments are being directed to Lais Souza only. There’s no room for sticky fingers in this project.

With the involvement of Ferreira, it didn’t take long for other prominent members of the Brazilian Bitcoin community to step up and join the cause. Andre Horta, CEO of Brazilian exchange, has offered his Bitcoin exchange’s services to convert Bitcoins into Brazilian Reais without having to pay any fees before handling funds to Louza.

Community with a heart

Since the Dogecoin initiatives, it has been shown that the cryptocurrency community wants to make this world a better place. Not only by trying to make the advantages of Bitcoin go mainstream, but even more by having a heart for all kinds of injustice in this world. Souza’s case is an example of how someone can get screwed over by the organisation she was working for. She was only good for as long as she was profitable. The Brazilian Bitcoin community will make sure they gather funds to help her get the treatment she needs. The international community can chip in too; all help will be welcome. On top of helping someone walk again, this will also bring positive attention to Bitcoin. Something we now need more than ever.

The cost for a tetraplegic is expected to reach $ 6,500 per month in Brazil, $77,300 per year.  Lais is 25 years old today, the next decade should cost at least $ 800,000. Not to mention all the family environment that will be required.

To find out how much has been donated so far, you can check the following website:

If you want to donate yourself, the official wallet address is 1k8At2Pk6wMf8vtQZdTrjd9wELC4b4.

Christoph Marckx @cryptomaniacs

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