Bitcoin Supporter Leading Race for Governor of Texas

September 27, 2014
Bitcoin supporter Greg Abbott is winning the race for Governor of Texas

Watch the promotional YouTube video for Greg Abbott, former Texas Attorney General, now running for Governor of Texas.  He is running against Wendy Davis for the right to replace current GOP Rick Perry and, as you can see, he is a supporter of the digital currency Bitcoin.

Many politicians have been early adopters of Bitcoin as a way to drum up political support, but Abbott is not just another Bitcoin candidate.  Abbot recently voiced his opinion on Bitcoin and his campaign funding to Bitcoin Magazine:

“I made the decision to accept Bitcoin because I believe that it represents the free-market economic principles that make Texas a national leader in innovation and entrepreneurship. As Governor, I will keep taxes low, government small and reduce regulations so Texas’ booming technology sector will continue to flourish.”

In fact, Abbott is not the first politician in Texas to embrace Bitcoin.  Rep. Steve Stockman made an appearance at the Bitcoin Expo in New York back in April.  He said this about Abbott and his stance on Bitcoin:

“It’s good to see Attorney General Abbott embrace virtual currencies like Bitcoin.  Texans have always embraced innovation. We created (a) modern economy by giving birth to the petroleum revolution; we led the world into the space age, and now Texans are at the cutting edge of economic evolution.”

It looks like the state of Texas is willing to pick up the ball the state of New York had dropped when it came to Bitcoin and state regulation and commerce.

Bitcoin Supporter Abbott Currently Holds a 12-Point Lead

Abbott currently leads Davis by 12 points in the polls.  Other interesting tidbits about Mr Abbott include the fact that he was paralyzed 30 years ago when a tree fell on him while jogging, he is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms), and he came out against the infamous land grab by the BLM at the Bundy Ranch earlier this year.

To support this Bitcoin enthusiast in the race for Governor of Texas, go to

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