Bitcoin subreddit official sponsor of e-sports team Axiom

April 6, 2014 03:50 UTC
Bitcoin subreddit /r/Bitcoin is an official sponsor of E-sports team Axiom.

Subreddit /r/Bitcoin made headlines today after announcing  a new sponsorship deal. The subreddit will officialy sponsor Totalbiscuit’s e-sports team Axiom.  In December of 2013, /r/Bitcoin along with many other prominent Bitcoin donors came together to host the Bitcoin Starcraft Challenge, a 1v1 showmatch between NaNiwa and Scarlett for a 14 BTC prize.

Starcraft 2 sponsorship

About a month ago, moderator of the subreddit Piotr Piasecki made a post about the need for a new sponsorship deal. The subreddit is able to endorse certain projects because its members are happy to give donations for this. Sponsorships are a great way to give Bitcoin a wider audience through positive news.In his post, Piotr explained he would love to sponsor Axiom, because of earlier collaborations with Axiom’s owner Totalbiscuit. Last year, /r/Bitcoin sponsored Totalbiscuit by providing funds to organize a Starcraft 2 tournament. The tournament was called the Starcraft Bitcoin challenge and it became the highest viewed online Starcraft 2 event of 2013. Total amount of Bitcoin sponsored for this best of seven showmatch between Acer.Scarlett and Alliance.Naniwa turned out to be 14 BTC.

“We at the /r/Bitcoin community are excited to be working with TotalBiscuit again. The community response during the Bitcoin Starcraft was very positive, so we decided to continue the relationship. We hope the sponsorship will be useful to the Axiom team and will promote the Bitcoin use in eSports scene.” Said Piasecki about the new Axiom deal.

The Axiom website put up an announcement about the sponsorship deal as well:

“We’re happy to be working with the folks over at r/Bitcoin once again,” stated TotalBiscuit. “We previously worked together to bring the biggest showmatch in Starcraft 2 history into being and it went off without a hitch. It makes sense for something as cutting edge as cryptocurrency to be involved with another cutting edge industry like eSports. An increasing number of sites are starting to accept Bitcoin including Starcraft’s own Teamliquid and /r/Bitcoin is a great place to find guides and information on how to start using cryptocurrency. We’d like to thank the /r/Bitcoin community for their support and hope to bring home results in return.”

“/r/Bitcoin is the Reddit subcommunity devoted to the discussion and exchange of information surrounding the digital currency Bitcoin used worldwide. It’s a great place to find resources on Bitcoin cryptocurrency along with information on how to get started. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is accepted by a growing number of businesses online. It can be used to transfer funds to others instantly at any time with a negligible fee as well as stay anonymous and secure online with your transactions, avoiding the pitfalls of credit card fraud.”

As the 2014 World Championship Series America R016 begins today, you will be able to see the Axiom players wearing the new sponsor on their uniforms. Every event can be viewed live at

The users of the Bitcoin subreddit are known to be generous when it comes to donations that can help raise public awareness about cryptocurrencies. It is a good thing to see the community take a stand and try to put Bitcoin in a positive spotlight. Amidst all the turmoil we had to go through lately, good news is always welcome.

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