December 19, 2013 11:47 PM UTC

Bitcoin Starcraft Challenge – Scarlett Versus NaNiwa for 14 BTC

The next Starcraft II [SC2] tournament that is buzzing the interwebs isn’t even a tournament, it is a 1v1, BO7, show-match between Scarlett and NaNiwa, two of the most formidable non-Korean SC2 players of our age.

In a sport completely dominated by Korean athletes in the last decade and a half, Scarlett and NaNiwa are actually battling in a best of 7 round showmatch for the title of “Top Foreigner.”  Scarlett is a Zerg player from Canada and is also the first transgender pro-Starcraft player; NaNiwa is a Protoss player from Sweden and both have international acclaim.  However, some spectators have mentioned that NaNiwa’s PvZ has been historically better than Scarlett’s ZvP; statistically speaking, most commentators are expecting NaNiwa to take the victory and the Bitcoin.  However, in the poll on the match page, 2709 Starcraft fans are in a straight deadlock 50/50 on “Who takes it?”

Starcraft and Bitcoin have had some history in the past, with website offering some a way to play and get paid all in one.  In fact, sc2btc’s owner Ludvig Oberg is one of the sponsors for this very show-match: the Bitcoin Starcraft Challenge.

This event will begin on December 21st, 2013 at 12:00 EST and will be livestreamed in English at TotalBiscuit’s twitch.  Once again, I must emphasize how impossible this event would be without generous contributions from donors around the world.

The list of donors is long:

* Erik +2 BTC @ErikVoorhees
* Willem +2 BTC @sc2btc
* Félix +2 BTC @flix1
* Bitcoin Magazine +0.75 BTC @BitcoinMagazine
* Roger Ver +2 BTC @rogerkver
* Ludvig +2 BTC @SafelloAB
*/r/bitcoin donors +3.25 BTC

Notable among the donations gathered for the prizepool is the crowdsourced /r/Bitcoin contribution that yielded more than any other contributor.  The /r/Bitcoin community does come together for some issues, some of the time.  Other times, suicide hotlines and horrendous trading advice are all that there is to be found.

For more information on Starcraft or the Bitcoin Starcraft Challenge, please visit Team Liquid’s page.

As always, stay tuned to ccn for more up-to-date news and happenings just like this!

Caleb Chen @bitxbitxbitcoin

Caleb is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he studied Economics, East Asian Studies, and Mathematics. He is currently pursuing his MSc in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia.

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