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Bitcoin Sports Betting Website Wins Positive Feedback: Take The Tour

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:45 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:45 PM

Sports betting, one of America’s favorite pastimes, might do more to popularize bitcoin among the general public in the short term than the improvements the cryptocurrency is bringing to the financial sector.

Nitrogen Sports

According to one sports betting site review, a sports betting website that takes bets in bitcoin — Nitrogen Sports — is getting positive customer feedback.

The Premier Bitcoin Betting Site

Sportsbook Review.com (SBR), an online review of sports betting sites, has posted a video tutorial  about Nitrogen Sports, which it describes as the premier bitcoin betting website. The tutorial, hosted by SBR news host Natalie Rydstrom, gives an overview of how to place a bet on Nitrogen Sports and how to use bitcoin.

Nitrogen Sports is the first bitcoin exclusive sports betting site in the SBR guide. It notes that the advantages of bitcoin for online sports betting are the ability to be paid instantly and have no fees on deposits and withdrawals.

The tutorial explains how to create a Nitrogen Sports account. Once a player logs in, they can choose from a list of sports betting markets.

Wagers are displayed in both U.S. and decimals simultaneously. (The website provides detailed explanations of U.S. and decimal odds.) Other sports betting sites force players to undertake lengthy website navigations to switch among the different wager formats, the tutorial notes.

How It Works

A player chooses the desired wager, selects a risk amount and confirms the wager. The tutorial gives an example of a player making an NFL wager.

The site also has a gambling casino with different card games.

A player can access the online cashier which consists of a bitcoin wallet. They can withdraw funds by entering their bitcoin address and password.

Nitrogen Sports’ website claims it is the largest and most trusted bitcoin sportsbook, allowing players to wager anonymously and securely on NFL, NBA, MLB, soccer tennis and other sports.

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A Bitcoin Tutorial

Nitrogen Sports’ main website page refers to bitcoin as the future of currency and lists bitcoin’s general advantages as fast account set-up, minuscule transaction fees, fast depositing, and anonymity. The page links to a section on how to buy bitcoins in 37 countries.

A blog on the website goes into more detail on bitcoin. It addresses how to choose a bitcoin wallet, how and where to buy bitcoins, where to spend bitcoins, the security of bitcoin wallets, and bitcoin tax requirements.

SBR added Nitrogen Sports to its rating guide at the rating of B on Sept. 24, 2014, a rating it currently maintains.

Nitrogen Sports players have given the sportsbook largely positive feedback for giving opinions and proposition bets for all major sports since it joined the SBR rating guide.

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