Bitcoin Soda Machine

December 30, 2013 23:26 UTC

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Take a look at the soda machine of the near future. Unlike traditional soda machines that accept coins or dollar bills, this one accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin. The machine displays a QR code on the screen for the customer to scan using a Bitcoin app on his/her phone and hit the send button. It’s that simple.

Something like this will show up on the screen.
Here’s the screen powered by a Raspberry Pi.

There are two different units available for purchase – a wifi-only version for $250 and a 3G version for $450. The 3G service is through Sprint and will be provided at no extra charge for 2 years. From the official website,

“Please contact us at for details and sales information.
We happily accept Bitcoin and Litecoin.
We also accept paypal.”

For anyone who’s used a traditional soda machine, you probably know how annoying it is when you have no coins or crumpled bills. And while some machines accept credit cards, credit card skimming is a very real problem. Bitcoin soda machines would be a lot more convenient and secure. Personally I hope to see more Bitcoin-related innovation such as this soon. It’s things like this that’ll help make Bitcoin more mainstream.

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