coinbase logosOn Thursday, the bitcoin service Coinbase expanded into six new languages in an attempt to help non-English speakers become active participants in the bitcoin community. This expansion did not occur in a vacuum. Over the past several months, Coinbase has been making forays into new markets to spread bitcoin to the masses and increase Coinbase’s market share.

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Bitcoin Service Coinbase Goes Global

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Coinbase has an ambitious plan to facilitate global bitcoin adoption.

Although Coinbase is based out of San Francisco and is very concerned with ensuring the United States government views bitcoin favorably, the bitcoin service knows that much of bitcoin’s potential market lays outside domestic borders. Consequently, Coinbase has taken concerted steps to extend their services to foreign markets. Recently, they have expanded into 18 European countries, launched a European tour, and even hosted a bitcoin meetup in London.

But Coinbase is only just getting started. On October 17, Coinbase revealed their website is now accessible in six new languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, and German. Additionally, the company plans on continuing to expand its customer support team to assist users who do not speak English.  They explained that they hope to become the easiest bitcoin service solution for bitcoin communities around the world.

As we expand internationally, we want to ensure that Coinbase continues to be the easiest bitcoin platform to use—and this includes being able to use Coinbase in your native language. We’ve also been expanding our customer support team, so we can provide world-class support to our customers in multiple languages.


Increasing Global Bitcoin Adoption

At first glance, Coinbase’s announcement may not seem like a big deal. It is not incredibly difficult to translate websites into new languages, nor is it unusual for expanding businesses to create international versions of their websites. However, Coinbase’s move is part of a much larger strategy–one that involves making bitcoin mainstream in both developed and undeveloped regions of the world alike.

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