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OneCoin, the Crypto Scam that Refuses to Die, Resurfaces on YouTube

pyramid scheme

By CCN Markets: A OneCoin promoter based in Trinidad and Tobago has appeared in a YouTube video promoting the controversial cryptocurrency, further proving how enduring the scam has been. The promoter, known as Cordel ‘KingJayms’ James, was captured in a video suggesting that the best way to assist Konstantin Ignatov, the CEO of OneCoin who is being held in the U.S. while awaiting trial, is to...

McAfee Blasts Twitter Over Callous Disregard for Bitcoin Scams

john mcafee slams twitter over bitocin scams

Early on Monday, CCN brought to light the misadventures of an insidious scammer pretending to be none other than the Bitcoin renegade himself, John McAfee. McAfee: Twitter Never Even Responds to My Crypto Scam Reports After we tipped off McAfee and his wife, Janice, to the fraudulent article in question, John responded by sharing his frustration with an issue that continues to plague the crypto...

Insidious Bitcoin Scammer Masquerades as John McAfee

john mcafee bitcoin scam

An impersonator is attempting to scam followers of outspoken crypto celebrity John McAfee via Medium. The so-called "McAfee Crypto Extravaganza" promises mouth-watering 10x returns - if and only if - you deposit a small amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum in the attacker's wallet first. CCN first alerted Janice McAfee to the scam, who subsequently eviscerated it as a "fraud" on Twitter. This is how...

Aussie Crypto Scam Nets Nearly AUD $3M from Unsuspecting Investors

crypto scam

Over 100 Australians are estimated to have lost nearly AUD $3 million to a cryptocurrency investment scam based in Gold Coast, Queensland. According to a statement released by Queensland Police, the dozens of Australians, most of whom are senior citizens, lost approximately AUD $2.7 million (USD $1.83 million) to the scam. The hardest-hit victim lost AUD $850,000 (USD $575,600) in the fraudulent...

$28 Million Crypto Ponzi Lands Morally Bankrupt Scammer in Jail

plus gold union coin crypto ponzi scheme

An Australian citizen who ran an international crypto Ponzi scheme will face justice after police in India finally arrested him - but not before he defrauded victims out of $28 million. 'Hybrid crypto' with low risks and high returns India's Special Task Force (STF) arrested Sydney resident Harpreet Singh Sahni in a hotel near the Delhi airport, the Times of India reported on Tuesday. According...

Bitcoin Expert Schools 'Idiot' Scammer in Legendary Fashion

bitcoin expert defrauds scammer

Somewhere, there's a crypto scammer ruing the decision to pitch a fraudulent investment scheme to Bitcoin educator Ben Perrin. The Canadian YouTuber turned the tables on the scammer in epic fashion, defrauding the would-be thief and donating the proceeds to charity. So how did Perrin do it? The same way fraudsters manage to steal from their victims – winning their confidence before emptying their...

Bitcoin Sex Scams Exploit Guilty Porn Voyeurs for $1.2 Million a Year

bitcoin sex scam targets guilty porn viewers

Cybersecurity firm Symantec has warned that Bitcoin sextortion scams are on the rise, with scammers making a fortune by targeting people who watch porn - and don't want their loved ones to know about it. During the first five months of this year, the cybersecurity firm disclosed that it blocked approximately 289 million sextortion emails, but that didn't stop the scammers from milking guilty porn...

Indian Bitconnect Dev Arrested for Promoting Shi**y Multi-Billion Scam


A web developer for one of cryptocurrency’s biggest scams has been arrested. Dhaval Mavani, who developed Bitconnect’s website was apprehended in New Delhi after being deported from Abu Dhabi. A warrant for his arrest was issued last year in August, per the Times of India. Mavani was reportedly hired in 2017 by the alleged head of Bitconnect in Asia, Divyesh Darji, to build a website for the $3.2...

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