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Bitcoin Rocks 12th Annual PorcFest Festival This Week

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM
Evander Smart
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:44 PM

School is out, and the 12th annual PorcFest Freedom Festival  in Lancaster, New Hampshire begun on Sunday. Started in 2004 as part of the Free State Project, hundreds of merchants, teachers and businesses come together every year to meet people from all over the state and the world to showcase some of New Hampshire’s finest people and offerings. Over the last few years, Bitcoin has become a major part of New Hampshire economics and culture, and there are many interesting events centered around the digital currency.

Bitcoin and PorcFest. Perfect together.

New Hampshire has long been one of the hottest markets for Bitcoin use and advocacy. New Hampshire’s high median income, well-educated populace, and freedom-loving citizenry have made Bitcoin and the state fast friends. No one asks “What is Bitcoin?” here, the only question is how long have you been using it and who got you started. New Hampshire initiatives to begin paying taxes in Bitcoin have made international news, and Porcfest looks to celebrate their love of Bitcoin with many events coming to this week’s festival.

Starting on Sunday at 6 PM there will be free pizza, on a first come, first served basis at the bitcoin tent in Agora Valley, compliments of Zachary Silva, CEO, Bitcoin Resource Group LLC. There he will also be giving a talk on the relationship between bitcoin, pizza, and bitcoin’s origins as a currency.

On Monday at 2 PM, Mattheus von Gutenburg hosts a high-level exploration of Bitcoin’s economic features interpreted through an Austrian economic perspective. Bitcoin is not only compatible with Austrian views on money, but represents the most exemplary expression of such theories. At 3 PM, Chris Pacia gives a talk at the Bitcoin tent on ways to maintain your privacy when using bitcoin, and projects that are currently in development to make bitcoin more private.

At 9 AM on Tuesday, at the Pavilion, Joe Jarvis will explore the differences between economic and political power, with help from his newly published fiction novel, Anarchy in New England. The discussion will include the difference between government regulation, and market regulation. He will also highlight the difference between forced collectives, and voluntary collectives. At 4PM, Dave Aiello of Token Labs gives an overview of the regulatory challenges facing the bitcoin ecosystem. How they’re being dealt with, and how we can build a future where bitcoin is free from state involvement.

New Hampshire: The Bitcoin Capital of America

Wednesday is Bitcoin Movie Night, with a 7 PM showing of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin at the Bitcoin tent, and a preview of the documentary “Life On Bitcoin” at the Pavilion. “Life on Bitcoin” is about Austin and Beccy Craig, who lived exclusively on bitcoin for 100+ days in late 2013. The film premieres in Silicon Valley next month.

Thursday at noon Bruce Fenton of the Bitcoin Foundation will discuss how Bitcoin as both a currency and protocol can have a massive impact on global economics freedom and liberty. Covering Bitcoin currency as well as related 2.0-style applications derived from Blockchain tech. Bruce will also discuss avoiding the echo chamber, challenges and hurdles that face the technology. Later on Thursday, at 5 PM, Bernard von NotHaus of Liberty Dollar will host an engaging Q&A about money, the individual, and the state; who is right, and who is wrong and how to profit at the Pavilion. Finally, Steven Howard will host “AltExpo: The Second Economy” next Saturday at the Atlas tent at 1:30 PM.

Have you seen any public awareness events for Bitcoin in your area? Share above and comment below.