This ‘Bitcoin Rabbi’ Wants Your Help to Troll Congress With Kid’s Books

Rabbi Michael Caras calls himself the “Bitcoin Rabbi” and writes books for children and newbies about the mechanics and importance of Bitcoin. Now, he wants to use those books to educate Congress on the merits of crypto – a goal shared by Blockchain Caucus member Representative Tom Emmer.

Emmer, as reported, called on Libra mastermind David Marcus to help him educate people in Washington about cryptocurrency, and the Bitcoin Rabbi has just the tool to do it.

Is Education Enough to Change Congress’ Mind on Bitcoin?

Now, Rabbi Caras is asking for everyone’s help getting everyone in congress up to speed. For $8, he’ll send your representative a copy of his book, “Bitcoin Money.” That’s a 47% discount off the retail price.

Rabbi Caras wants to flood Congress with this children’s book. | Source: Bitcoin Rabbi

Caras writes on the book’s promotional page:

“There are many great books, educators, and organizations that are having a powerful effect in DC, but I think we need to get basic, children’s level understanding of Bitcoin into a lot of representatives’ heads ASAP! Every book will be sent along with a respectful letter, helping them understand more about Bitcoin.”

What if All 22 Million US Crypto Traders Pitched in?

Perhaps a single copy wouldn’t do it.

Representatives and senators are busy people, after all.

But if all of the estimated 22 million cryptocurrency traders in the US put up the $8 to send their representative a copy of the book, the presence of that many copies would be hard to ignore.

There is, of course, a fine line between harassment and sending unsolicited mail. A better approach might be to have book purchasers send the copies directly.

Currently, both parties in Congress have members who are for and against Bitcoin. Some are more cautious than others, while some have formed a “blockchain caucus” to promote cryptocurrency in US policy.

True to form, some Democrats have called for an all-out ban on cryptocurrency, raising alarms and praises alike.

However, the issue of cryptocurrency is not only a matter of education. Some lawmakers may fully understand what they’re dealing with and reject it on other grounds. In these cases, children’s books might not be enough.

Last modified: March 4, 2021 2:38 PM

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