BREAKING: Under DDoS Attack


bitcoin is currently under a DDoS attack making the site inaccessible. The attack is currently being discussed on IRC.


Transcript of the discussion:

[20:10] <@jgarzik> saivann, not working here
[20:12] < michagogo> Hm, same here
[20:12] * | michagogo checks
[20:13] < michagogo> Not pinging, either
[20:15] < saivann> Sigh, probably one of these strong DDoS attacks
again, let me check..
[20:19] < saivann> Yes, 10gbps DDoS attack,Black Lotus does not protect
us against those, they nullroute the IP until the attack is under 10gbps
and then automatically reenable the IP
[20:23] < phantomcircuit> saivann, srsly?
[20:23] < timothy> who is black lotus?
[20:24] < saivann> phantomcircuit: We’ve had many of these recently
[20:24] < phantomcircuit> no i mean the 10gbps limit
[20:24] < saivann> timothy:
[20:24] < saivann> phantomcircuit: Yes sure, otherwise you need to pay
the 2500$ setup fee + 500$ / month for 20gpbs
[20:25] < timothy> Global terabit-scale network with 480 Gbps of active
DDoS mitigation capacity

The story will be updated. If you got more information please add your comment below.

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