Bitcoin News in Review: Dogecoin Troubles, Mining Gear, Voidspace, and More

Bitcoin News in Review: Dogecoin Troubles, Mining Gear, Voidspace, and MoreHappy Sunday, and welcome back to another Bitcoin News in Review, your source for some of the biggest cryptocurrency news of the week. There was a lot of Dogecoin news this week, from the coin’s creator leaving the community to a company filing for a trademark on the word “Doge”. We also covered some new mining gear, a cryptocurrency-based video game, and more. Check out this Bitcoin News in Review after the break.


Dogecoin Troubles

Sad Shibe
Sad shibe

Just under a week ago, the Dogecoin community found out that a company called Ultra PRO International had announced plans to trademark the word “Doge”. This left the community outraged, and many believed the trademark would pose a huge threat to the Dogecoin community.

“Trademarking Doge just goes to show that this company has no understanding of the community and what makes us tick…I think, under all circumstances, they should be boycotted.”

Since then, Ultra PRO has responded with a somewhat reassuring statement,

“Our intentions were never to block out the current market for ‘Doge’ products…If we receive the trademark we will offer royalty-free use for any vendor who wishes to use the mark,” they said, “If we do not receive the trademark, we will seek a reasonable license from the owner of the mark to use it, or we will pursue a different name for the line.”

Still, many Dogecoin users wish to file an opposition, and whether or not the trademark will be granted won’t be known until 8 July. In the meantime, other altcoin communities are looking to trademark their coins to prevent this issue from affecting them.

The Ultra PRO issue has also caused Dogecoin’s creator Jackson Palmer to leave the community. After a public argument with Alex Green, creator of about the Doge trademark, Palmer has decided to step away “from this sadly cult-like subreddit.”

RockMiner R-BOX

RockMiner R-BOX 32 gh/s Bitcoin Miner With ASICMiner BE200 ASIC Chips
RockMiner R-BOX 32 gh/s Bitcoin Miner With ASICMiner BE200 ASIC Chips

This week, CCN’s mining expert Scott Fargo got his hands on some new mining gear. The R-BOX is a quiet, compact, but somewhat pricey 32 GH/s bitcoin miner. You can read Scott’s in-depth review as well as an interview with the distributor here.


Voidspace Concept
Enter the void…

In case the title didn’t sound cool enough, Voidspace is a crowdfunded MMORPG that will implement Dogecoin, bitcoin, Litecoin, Quarkcoin, and a few other altcoins. From the game’s Kickstarter page:

  • Dogecoin was founded on the idea that a digital currency should be fun and friendly, and we believe this ideal fits in very well for an in-game currency.
  • Unlike Bitcoin, Dogecoin’s value is much less than a dollar, which makes it better suited for a game currency. It just feels better to get paid 1000 Dogecoins rather than 0.001 Bitcoins.

The game is a sandbox game, meaning players have almost complete control over how they define their gaming experience. Voidspace is also an HTML5 game, meaning that it will work on any modern web browser on nearly any device. You can read an exclusive CCN interview with the lead developer here.

ESPN’s Bitcoin Bowl

bitcoin bowl espn
This could be huge…

Bitpay and ESPN have entered an agreement that could completely change the public’s skeptical image of bitcoin. The “Bitcoin Bowl” will be an NCAA-sanctioned event in Florida’s Tropicana Field. Game tickets will be available for purchase in bitcoin and the winning team’s university can choose to be paid in BTC. All in all, the Bitcoin Bowl is a huge opportunity to improve bitcoin’s public image.

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