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September 23, 2014 6:03 PM UTC

Bitcoin Mining Manufacturer ZeusMiner Announces the Volcano

ZeusMiner recently debuted their next generation chips within their new Volcano miner. They also have several more tricks up their sleeves. Along with the Volcano, they announced that they are selling and shipping Gen 3 Blade upgrades for their existing miners. They also have announced they…

ZeusMiner recently debuted their next generation chips within their new Volcano miner.

They also have several more tricks up their sleeves. Along with the Volcano, they announced that they are selling and shipping Gen 3 Blade upgrades for their existing miners. They also have announced they are nearly ready to debut their updated ZeusHash platform. CCN was able to get some details and a short interview with ZeusMiner on the new developments.


Zeus Miner Volcano Debut

The Volcano ASIC Scrypt Miner offers 300 mh/s at 1000 watts of power at the wall. The Volcano is set to ship at the end of December. This speed increase is a sharp jump with each chip hitting over 1.2 mh/s at the same power it took to run a single Blizzard miner with six chips. ZeusMiner has also stated that they have changed the cooling system as well to make it not only quieter but also cooler. Their statement certainly gets the imagination rolling:

Thunder X6 Blade Upgrade

Some of you or your wives are still complaining about how loud and hot your miners are. Good news for you is that Volcano brings more technological innovation in noise and heat control. Don’t worry if they’ll become even noisier and hotter with such a high hashing power because they WILL NOT. Thanks to the intensive R&D work of ZeusMiner technical team, Volcano will hash away much quieter and cooler supported by innovative technology.

ZeusMiner also announced that they are selling Blade upgrades for their existing miners. The new Blades will allow your current ZeusMiner ASIC Scrypt Miners to be upgraded to lower-power, higher-hash-rate chips without having to throw out the existing miner. The Blade upgrade saves on both shipping costs and manufacturing costs as well as extending the life of many current miners already out there in the wild. Bitmain is currently doing this for the S1 and soon to S2 as well. It is good to see more companies do this as well.

CCN asked ZeusMiner about the Blade upgrade.

With the Introduction of the Gen 3 Blade upgrades, you took another step in helping your customers ROI. Could you tell CCN about how this decision came about for the upgrade Blades and what you think it will mean for the customers?

Regarding the upgraded blades, we came up with this idea because we want to minimize the cost for our clients considering the increasing difficulty and price volatility. Compared to Volcano that is more powerful but, of course, more costly too, updating current miners will be a win-win solution. We want our customers to regain confidence in Scrypt mining. And seems like the blades are a hot sale. (item) :)

CCN will bring you a review of the Volcano when they begin shipping as well as a breakdown and guide of how to install the Blade upgrade in the Thunder X6 we reviewed not too long ago.


The last part of what they are updating is their ZeusHash platform. Initially, it has been fairly basic with limited options as they worked on upgrades to the back end. They are going to be adding more features and types of cloud mining as well as Bitcoin/SHA-256 mining as well diversifying their offerings to their customers.

ZeusMiner Exclusive Data Center Pic for CCN

Their statement on it addresses many of the complaints some home miners have and focuses on that well:

Own your HASHING POWER on ZEUSHASH Cloud Mining

As a leading company in Scrypt mining industry, ZeusMiner has so far delivered its Scrypt miners to 77 countries over five continents. Thousands of them are hashing away for the ROI of mining fans around the world.

Now ZeusMiner wants to do more than delivering reliable miners. We are presenting to you a new approach of investing in crypto-currency mining-ZeusHash.

There are factors that you have to consider when you want to invest in mining. Running a miner is no easy work at all. While ZeusHash exempts you from all the labor.

At ZeusHash, we are giving you pure HASHING POWER, which will be instantly activated on your purchase. No hassle or noise to bother you and you only need to check your account to see how many coins your purchased hash rates have mined for you.

ZeusMiner Exclusive Data Center Pic for CCN

CCN asked a few questions related to ZeusHash and ZeusMiner.

ZeusHash is working great and pays out in Litecoin, which is great for the Scrypt Mining ecosystem. What advancements are you working on that you would like to share now about ZeusHash?

The current ZeusHash is a beta version. The final version will have more features and flexible price plans for different investment options. And we’ll provide BTC hashrate as well.

Instant activation is a great feature of ZeusHash could you talk more about that and how important it was to be able to give that to your customers?

We believe instant activation is very important for customers because time is everything in this industry. We are working on this feature, and I will give more info about it when it’s ready.

Do you plan on merge mining Dogecoin with the Litecoin now that it can be done thus helping boost ZeusHash payouts?

We do own Dogecoin ourselves, and we may accept Dogecoin as a new payment method. But for payout, we’ll stick to LTC and BTC for now.


CCN will have a first look at the new version of ZeusHash as soon as they go live. With so many cloud services already out there from offerings such as GAWMiners Hashlets or Bitmain HashNest to scams like TimeToBit and Group Bitcoin, we will make sure to verify their features and reliability. Checking them, and others out well should help guide you all through the forest of offers so we can all avoid scams in the future. In its current form, ZeusHash has been reliable with LTC payments. Sara of ZeusMiner tells CCN they are almost ready to debut the new service.

ZeusMiner has not been standing still despite shipping an enormous amount of ASIC Scrypt Mining hardware to both end users, vendors and large farms. From their fast growth and growing pains, they have come out on the positive side of the equation building up a loyal following among customers large and small. The next step of the mining evolution will be interesting. CCN will keep you all informed.

Happy Mining.

Thunder X6 Blade Upgrade
ZeusMiner Volcano
ZeusMiner Exclusive Data Center Pic
ZeusMiner Data Center
ZeusMiner Blade Upgrade Board
ZeusMiner Exclusive Data Center Pic

Disclosure: ZeusMiner has sent miners to review and test

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