Bitcoin and Litecoin Mining Giants ZeusMiner and Rockminer on Partnership

October 6, 2014 08:00 UTC

ZeusMiner and Rockminer recently formed a partnership to bring both Bitcoin ASIC miners and ASIC Scrypt miners to the market. They also have used this partnership to bring both Bitcoin and Litecoin mining to ZeusHash cloud mining platform. ZeusMiner recently debuted the ZeusHash Beta test to 400 invite only beta testers. This partnership is one that seems odd as the two are technically competitors in the miner hardware space.

ZeusMiner has made a name for itself by selling Scrypt miners in a competitive and growing segment of the cryptocurrency market. Not only do they sell their miners directly but they also are the OEM for many branded miners sold by GAWMiners and other companies. The two-pronged business plan has certainly proven successful.

Rockminer is a Bitcoin ASIC miner manufacturer that has been a community supported and fast evolving company that aims to keep miners in the hands of as many people as possible. They have done exceedingly well at this, recently debuting the ASICMiner Gen 3 chip R-Box 32 gh/s miner and quickly working up to the 800+ gh/s T1 miner.


ZeusHash Trade Control Panel

When ZeusMiner announced the ZeusHash cloudhashing service, many people thought it would just be Scrypt mining. When they also announced that they were teaming up with Rockminer to not only sell Bitcoin ASIC miners but also added Bitcoin mining to ZeusHash, it was a pleasant surprise.
The interface is clean and simple with easy to navigate buys and sells. They are wrapping up the Beta soon and will transfer over current hashing customers to the platform when done. All of this can happen thanks to the partnership of ZeusMiner and Rockminer. CCN was able to ask some questions of Sara, ZeusMiner’s Public Relations Director, and Alex, Rockminer’s Overseas Sales Rep, about the partnership.

ZeusMiner and RockMiner Dual Interview

With Rockminer being an SHA-256 and ZeusMiner being a Scrypt only manufacturer, the deal has intrigued many. Could you tell me about how the partnership came together?

Sara: ZeusMiner and Rockminer leadership have been talking about this partnership for a while since we are working on ZeusHash, which sells BTC cloud hashing too. This partnership is like an announcement that we are extending our business to BTC mining. And Rockminer T1 we are selling now is really a good deal for customers. So it’s a multi-win business.

Alex: We have talked about the cooperation for many times, until recently we do move a step and make a deal to run long term strategy. SHA-256 and Scrypt are different systems but can be replaced by the other. We are going to use the comparative advantages in different domains to strengthen each other, promoting each other’s products is just the first step.

Rockminer T1 Blades

How fast are you able to deploy miners in the data centers and has it been a challenge?

Alex: We are going to deploy bitcoin miners in ZeusHash datacenter as they need. The challenge will not come from the producing capacity but from the balance of power consumption and cost.

With the ZeusHash Beta starting how important was it to be able to team with Rockminer and what benefits do you feel it will bring to customers?

Sara: With ZeusHash Beta starting and us teaming up with Rockminer, we can provide more services with lower cost to customers in BTC mining.

Do you feel that working together will effect manufacturing?

Sara: Such kind of partnership is indeed rare in this industry, but ZeusMiner/ZeusHash wants to integrate more to deliver better and more diversified products to the community. We believe there will be more like us in the manufacturing side.

Alex: Communities always include manufacturing, manufacturers which play the hardware suppliers are the base of community, not only the miners but also the APP, data center, applications systems design and so on.‍‍ As we said, manufacturers are not only the competitors; they can also cooperate to strong each other. BTW, other teams can also work together to stop vicious competition and save the resources.‍

Rockminer will fill the hardware demand for building the ZeusHash data center, supply tech support. RM and Zesuminer will share the purchasing solution together; that can unleash scale effects to save production cost, saving time and capital!! RM and Zesuminer also going to share the selling channels, that can strengthen each other’s market competition abilities.‍


The partnership between ZeusMiner and Rockminer is a step forward for the industry and will pave the way to a robust ZeusHash cloud mining platform. CCN will be bringing a review of ZeusHash when it comes out of Beta and also has a review of the Rockminer’s R-100 Box coming out soon as well. There is a shift going on: Adapt and evolve or go out of business. ZeusMiner and Rockminer are doing just that and bringing the benefits from their partnership directly to the customers.

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