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Bitcoin Isn’t Scared of Trump…Or Other Democrats

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:38 PM
P. H. Madore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:38 PM

Judging by the charts , Bitcoin hasn’t reacted much to Donald Trump’s negativity.

Crypto conservatives might react by understanding that Donald Trump is the most successful democratic operative in history, bar none.

Donald Trump: The Most Clever Democrat In History

A parody of a world leader, Trump has successfully ensured that large swaths of the youth will lean leftward.

This will likely have dire consequences for the nation moving forward.

His stance on cryptocurrency comes as no surprise, in light of his thus far anti-American disposition.

Journalists everywhere understand exactly what his attacks on the fourth estate mean for the hallmarks of democracy such as free speech and freedom to associate.

If you want, you can blame him for the drop in price that took place between yesterday and today, but things were probably going to trend that direction anyway.

It seems the meager efforts of several democrats to attract crypto voters might be necessary after all.

Will Crypto Folks Vote Liberal Now?

Is the cost of a liberal government worth the safe harbor of cryptocurrency? That’s a cost that voters will have to weigh.

It’s inarguable that we need a pro-business government.

Several democrats take a look at cryptocurrency, which can create several new industries and revolutionize most, if not all, old ones, and it scares them.

Some Republicans are in favor but wield limited power.

Now the top Republican in the government is shouting negativity about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Thus we enter a new paradigm.

People on both sides of the aisle find allies around the cause of cryptocurrency.

If they support it, they’ve got friends on both sides.

Opposing it, the same.

Are We Doomed?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, the saying goes. Therefore, Democrats may be useful to the crypto movement after all.

We may have to deprive the Republican party of executive support in the coming election. Send a message: you either support crypto, or you lose large swaths of the vote that otherwise favor conservative policy.

We want sovereign money.

Bitcoin is a hedge against the problems the dollar can face.

It’s patently ironic that a president who rails against his country’s central bank then vehemently defends his currency.

Supporting Bitcoin is an implicit acknowledgment that the Federal Reserve is a fallible organization.

Therefore, if you think the Fed is doing a poor job, you should support crypto.

Crypto can free you from worry about what the Fed does – your assets are always worth more than what they issue, which offers you a degree of safety against their failure.

By The People, For The People

This isn’t an opinion. It’s just the reality of how the situation has worked out. Crypto billionaires aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the fundamental value propositions of blockchain technology.

We’ll call it an opinion because it’s not necessarily based in science. It’s just based on good sense and history.

Take a look back. What more convenient way could you have made many thousands of dollars, other than investing in cryptocurrency, over the past couple of years?

Some balk, but crypto is accessible, and only getting increasingly more so.

Even those who the desktop generation skipped are online now, using their phones. They can install Coinbase, verify their account, and be steeped in the crypto economy in a matter of hours.

Is Wall Street as accessible?

Okay, you can sign up for an e*trade account. But then you’re basically on your own. Do you know what you’re doing?

Bitcoin has a vast community of retail investors who advise each other on how to avoid scams and successfully store their assets.

Is the stock trading community so well lit?

Face it, old world. Whatever the president says, whatever aspiring dictators the world over say, cryptocurrency isn’t going anywhere. Its value propositions get more real the angrier the bureaucrats get about it.