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Peter Schiff is the gold bug who cried wolf, and crypto fans are calling him out for his latest apocalyptic bitcoin price prediction. | Source: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson
  • Peter Schiff is once again making apocalyptic bitcoin price predictions.
  • This isn’t the first time the famous gold bug has sounded the alarm on the crypto market.
  • Are crypto investors right to treat him like the boy who cried wolf?

Peter Schiff has remained active on Twitter lately, chiming in on the Fed’s ballooning balance sheet and the sharp gold sell-off. However, another issue catching significant traction is his extremely bearish view on bitcoin.

Peter Schiff: ‘Get Ready for the Dump’

Even though the largest cryptocurrency is widely considered to be in a bull market, Schiff has repeatedly made daring gloom-and-doom calls – with questionable success.

On October 18th, for instance, Schiff described bitcoin’s chart as “horrible.” He projected that the crypto token would collapse all the way down to $2,000.

Bitcoin chart looks horrible
Peter Schiff’s prediction turned out to be an epic failure. | Source: Twitter

A few days later, bitcoin engineered a massive pump. The cryptocurrency surged by 40 percent to record the third-biggest rally in a 24-hour period.

On Friday, Schiff took to Twitter once again to spill his gloomy outlook on the dominant cryptocurrency. The pullback from $9,250 down to $8,660 may have emboldened the gold bug to proclaim that the move up is over.

bitcoin pump is over
Peter Schiff with yet another bearish prediction. | Source: Twitter

“Crypto Twitter” was quick to respond, and it seems like they’re growing tired of Schiff’s blown bitcoin calls. In fact, many users now see him as a counter-trade signal.

Here’s one reply:


The Cryptoboy regards Schiff as a hero
The Cryptoboy regards Schiff as a hero. | Source: Twitter

And another:

Others were more deliberate in their response. Wyckoff Stock Market Institute owner Todd Butterfield did not need to flex his analytical skills to predict that the low is in.

He just had to refer to Schiff’s tweet.

Looks like the low is in
No need to be a technical analysis expert to buy the bottom. | Source: Twitter

One user even compiled a list of Schiff’s bearish bitcoin price predictions to make the case that they’re actually “buy” signals.

peter schiff's bitcoin price calls
The CryptoBull says that Schiff’s bitcoin predictions are “#bullish.” Source: CryptoBull/Twitter

As of press time, bitcoin is up by about 2 percent from yesterday’s low. So far, contrarian investors who traded on Schiff’s tweet are in positive territory..

Crypto Twitter’s Biggest Bitcoin Bull Is Once Again Active

Just as Peter Schiff was busy dealing with members of the Crypto Twitter community, widely-followed trader Majin was unleashing a tweetstorm. So far, “crypto’s biggest bull” has been accurate to say that bitcoin will bottom just below $8,000 but won’t dump any lower than $7,000.

The liquidity game theorist tweeted that the latest dump was an “easy long.”

CT’s biggest bull is alive
BTC’s pullback doesn’t phase Majin. | Source: Twitter

The trader then shared a chart that predicts bitcoin jumping above $12,000.

Bitcoin trending up
Majin’s indicators are supporting the uptrend. | Source: Twitter

When asked if institutions are buying in preparation for the next leg up, the analyst replied, “Yes.” The trader also noted that whales love to shake out weak hands before pumping.

Hence, Friday’s dump doesn’t worry Majin.

Is it a coincidence that Majin started a fresh bullish tweetstorm just as Schiff resumed his assault on the cryptocurrency market? I don’t think so.

Disclaimer: The above should not be considered trading advice from CCN. The writer owns bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth.

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