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December 10, 2013 1:25 AM UTC

Bitcoin Goes NOLA

Have’t been to New Orleans?   Well, those bitcoins that are sitting in your wallet do buy things in NOLA.  Get your tickets through (bitcoin merchant) and make your way down to the Bayou.  A great option to start your trip is Booty’s Street Food in the Bywater.  And now…you guessed it… they accept bitcoin!


Yelp Review:


How can you possibly not love a place with a dessert called Elvis, a doughnut-ish pastry with strawberries, bananas and bacon (served with vanilla ice-cream), which is actually really tasty???

But Elvis, powerful as might be, is by no means the only reason I love Booty’s. Let me try to name a few others:

1. The food is really really good. I have so far tried three of the “featured country” menus (changing weekly and available for dinner only) and I loved all of them. Last week’s featured country was Italy. An Italian friend of mine said that the zeppoli reminded him of those his grandma made, and that’s a huge complement.

2. The drinks are delicious and interesting.

3. With free wi-fi and outlets by every table, the place is very laptop friendly.

4. I love the (changing once a month) bathroom decorations.

5. Just about each and every one of the servers is wonderful.

6. It is refreshing to visit a place that actually takes their Yelp promises (freebie for checking in) seriously. I’ve been to quite a few places where I was told “Oh, we don’t even have this item on the menu any more”. Not here. Yelp promises a free Bywater Bomber (a really tasty frozen drink) for a check-in and that’s exactly what you get. And you can claim it once a day!

Whether to have a meal, or to just hang around with my laptop and a drink, it has become one of my favorite spots in the neighborhood.


Instagram from Booty’s:


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