Bitcoin Girl Video – A Behind the Scenes Look

July 17, 2014 09:07 UTC

I’m in love with a Bitcoin girl… da da da da da…  God that’s catchy!  I’m sure we’ve all seen the new Bitcoin Girl music video.  CCN’s own Naomi Brockwell stars as the Bitcoin Girl and now she’s reaching out to our readers to tell us a bit about why the video was created.


Interview with the Bitcoin Girl

Your video really shows just how outdated the old world currencies truly are.  What inspired you to make a music video with Bitcoin as its premise?

I find that the people who are most excited about Bitcoin are the ones who understand it the best, so I really believe that the difference of attitude is education.

I hope that I can help revamp Bitcoin’s image from being something shady and associated with money laundering and fraud, to something shown in a really fun, positive light. This might help make people curious enough to start educating themselves about cryptocurrency and its potential to completely revolutionize society for the better. My project with the Moving Picture Institute (this is the first of many videos they are involved with) aims to provide an educational platform that can build a bridge between the technologically savvy people and those who don’t really understand Bitcoin.

Can you tell me more about who “The Moving Picture Institute” is and what their goals are when it relates to Bitcoin?

The Moving Picture Institute promotes freedom through film and online content, and when I approached them about this educational platform for cryptocurrency, they were keen to support it. They believe that education about blockchain technology is vital for changing the negative media bias against Bitcoin. We’re at a time where regulators are trying to make up their minds about how to treat Bitcoin, so it’s important that Bitcoin gains the public support that such an incredible technology deserves so that it’s not regulated out of existence in its infancy.

Will your new movie, “Subconscious,” be promoting Bitcoin in any way or will it be available for purchase with Bitcoin?

My new film Subconscious is not a Bitcoin related film, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be accepting Bitcoin for purchases. That’s something I’ll have to convince the distributors of though!

Are you or your company focusing your efforts on other Bitcoin endeavors as well?

I am a policy associate at the NY Bitcoin center, on the advisory council for Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, I host an economics reading group in NYC with the Economics editor of Barron’s, and as well as working full time at the Moving Picture Institute, I am also a contributor for Reason TV. Monetary policy fascinates me, and I am passionate about educating people about economics and the role that cryptocurrency may play in shaping a financial revolution.

I am in the process of developing many other Bitcoin-related films, so if anyone wants to be involved please get in touch. Tips are also greatly appreciated at 1CkDFdd9c5Jp5Tx58EqdVAGBkKnso3MuCT

The Bitcoin Girl music video is just one of her endeavors to help bring awareness of Bitcoin to the masses.  You can learn more about Bitcoin Girl on her website, The Moving Picture Institute on their website, and the upcoming film, “Subconscious,” on its website.

Photo used with permission of Naomi Brockwell

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