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August 26, 2014 10:36 PM UTC

Cryptocurrencies have such immense social implications and as social unrest worldwide continues to grow, more films are being made to broadcast the growth and power of change that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have on the future. I’m here to help you sift through them.

‘Crypto for the Masses’ is a film coming from Israel and has made quite a bit of buzz on the BitcoinTalk forums.  Of course, in such a contentious area like Israel, Bitcoin has plenty of reasons to come into the public spotlight.

In the trailer, the films shows a series of potent interviews in which they talk about how Bitcoin could, should, and will change how we deal with money, how government exerts control on citizens with a collusion with the financial giants in an “intentionally inflationary economy,” and how the individual can control their very livelihood.

This film looks like it could even be more provocative than Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It.


Director Lahav Levi explained:

Director Lahav Lavi

“Crypto for The Masses!” is a full-length documentary film about Bitcoin, the future of digital currencies worldwide and the rise of an alternative economic reality in Israel.

The film will uncover how the current banking system became obsolete. It will show how the value of money is only as relevant as we make it, and will tell the stories behind the phenomenon – the people whose world changed and those who foresaw the revolution and made millions.

In this, it seems Lahav Levi is prepared to go where many others have not – take an uncompromising stance on the power of Bitcoin as a revolution: not something to be pounded into regulatory submission. If you can end the power of our traditional crony banking system and give the market the ability to provide the individual with the power of the protocol, then the world will change radically and that is exactly what this documentary will be serving.

“I personally believe that the bitcoin true free market revolution can change the world in a way that will reduce conflicts created by the broken economy of today.

Everything has a direct connection to money, and money today is basically unpayable debt that causes corruption in order to repay debt that will just roll over to somewhere else. Fractional reserve banking today is an inflationary money system that creates money through reserve loans but doesn’t create the interest for the loan. This will eventually collapse and bitcoin fixes this.”

Israel looks fairly populated on

For Israel, Bitcoin could be an answer they have been looking for.  A quick look at shows up a fairly populated Bitcoin community in Israel, which is one of the largest and most active cryptocommunities in the world. There is, I kid-you-not, a Bitcoin Embassy located right in front of the Israeli stock exchange in Tel-Aviv (Which kinda reminds me of the Bitcoin Center of NYC which is only yards away from the New York Stock Exchange).

Lahav Levi further noted:

“Israel has about 300 businesses that accept Bitcoin payment (listed here), such as IT services, lawyers, restaurants, electronics shops, music shops and more. The vast majority of these shops are located in the central Tel Aviv area, which has become somewhat of a bitcoin hub. 15 restaurants in Tel Aviv report that customers visit them and pay with Bitcoin every day.”

But with a growing industry like ours, it can be safely assumed that the ever-searching eyes of the government will be watching.

“As of today, Israeli authorities are considering how to regulate the Bitcoin domain but have not yet reached many conclusions. The general atmosphere is “wait for the Americans”, a true testament of how much the Israeli economy is linked to the American economy, at least as far as monetary policy is concerned. Developments in this area of research can be found in an article by the Bank of Israel, describing the economic potential that exists in the adoption of Bitcoin technology.”


After watching‘s work in looking for Bitcoin’s internation potential and effect, this one certainly piques my interest. With all the recent news coming from the Israeli-Palestinian area, we can only hope the best from Bitcoin as it poses a deep-hitting question to the power-structure of their highly militarized governments.

“Our film is aimed at the “Masses” and the reason for funding it with a crowdfunding campaign is to enable this. The crowdfunding allows anyone to support this educationally innovative film and help us complete the project without being sidetracked by profiteers. We want to ensure that the integrity of the project will not be compromised before completion.

There will be physical copies of the film as gifts for funding on our Headstart page, and we hope the local TV documentary channels will want to broadcast our film.


If you would like to support the film, they have started a HeadStart Campaign with a goal of 94,500 Israeli Shekels (About 26.000 USD) to be reached in 50 days. So far over 6,000 shekels have been pledged.

“Since Headstart doesn’t offer Bitcoin funding, only credit cards, We have special approval to collect Bitcoin pledges with the ability to get a full Bitcoin refund in case the goal isn’t met. Trustworthiness of our third party (Ariel Horwitz) can be attested to by any member of the Israeli community (such as anyone from Full details to anyone sending an email to”

There is no Bitcoin address on Headstart so that there is no impression that anonymous donation through there gives you any of the benefits of supporting a Headstart campaign. To get those benefits and the option to get bitcoins refunded in case the fundraiser is not successful please email (seeing as details must be collected).”

We have a public address you may donate to anonymously (address owned by the producers) and there is no option to get bitcoins refunded from here: 189kiya3XFc8g1vD2CfV1gTj58Cyzz72xZ.”

On an interesting note, the Israeli Old Shekel (1980-1985) was replaced by the current Israeli New Shekel because it experienced massive currency inflation.

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