January 7, 2014 9:37 PM

Bitcoin Featured in 'Almost Human' a Second Time, Shows Widespread Adoption in the Future

At this point, I am absolutely certain that there is a writer over at 21st Century Fox Networks that is very, very interested in Bitcoin.  Alternatively said writer is very interested in pumping Bitcoin; however, I believe we are just witnessing a genuine person’s attempt to accurately portray the future.
Bitcoin first appeared on the Fox Network’s regularly viewed lineup [because honestly whom here watches Fox News?] in The Simpsons last year.  A few weeks later, Fox’s new show ‘Almost Human’ featured Bitcoin in their plot line giving viewers a peek into what Bitcoin use might be like in the future.  Please refer to my previous article to read my analysis of the ‘Bit coin’s’ portrayal in its debut episode.
Check out this clip from the beginning of the most recent episode of ‘Almost Human’.

Here we have a pan-handler, beggar, street urchin, hobo, etc offering cheap services on the side of the street in exchange for small change.  This is no different than young kids from the neighborhood selling ice-cold water bottles on the side of the street and is a common occurrence in this day and age as well.  An electro wash is likely some futuristic device that polarizes the paint on your car in such a way that grit and dirt just fall off.  Of course, in the actual video the electro wash’s purpose was to cause Electromagnetic pulse [EMP] damage to the car’s data recorder.  Key to note is that the Bitcoin storage device was able to withstand an EMP blast.
How much is 10 bits?  In current times I have used bits to refer to whole Bitcoins; however, in the future it is likely that bits will refer to the the standard denomination of Bitcoin.  For instance, currently Bitcoinity’s market charts have switched over to millibits, which many people are now referring to as ‘bits’.
When the android Dorian views the total amount of Bitcoin on the Bitcoin storage device, he quotes its amount in dollars.  In the previous episode they specifically did not do that and quoted 4,999″ only.  The decision to include a USD value this time was definitely a deliberate move.  Furthermore, not mentioning exactly how many ‘bits’ constitutes $427,000 was another deliberate action, or lack thereof.
Also of importance, the driver of the car could have used his Bitcoin wallet to tip the would-be kidnapper through his window without opening it and making himself vulnerable to attack.  Even if the nondescript silver-looking “bitcoin” is unable to provide those functions, smart phone applications that can do all that through a window already exists in 2014.
Most importantly, taking into account that the scene above is a kidnapping, is the portrayal of the future prevalence of Bitcoin.  ‘Almost Human’ portrays 2048 as a year where Bitcoin, and its nuanced units and nuances in general, has 100% recognition to the public.  So much so that street peddlers use it as their currency of choice, and attackers use it as their distraction of choice.
Have a cryptic day, mis amigos!