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Bitcoin Exchange Independent Reserve’s CEO Dies in Motorcycle Accident

P. H. Madore
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM

Australian Adam Tepper founded the Independent Reserve  Bitcoin exchange in June, 2013, and launched it last October. One of the unique features of Independent Reserve was its ties to “Australia’s highly regulated financial sector” and its annual auditing by PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the four biggest auditors in the world.

Yesterday, the former IT manager was on vacation in one of Australia’s favorite destinations, Thailand, when he was killed in a motorcycle accident. Local news characterized the death in Phuket City as preventable and potentially alcohol-related. From the Phuket Wan :

The rider appeared to be heading towards Chalong Circle. […] Police believe he had been drinking. The hired motorcycle continued on and finished scores of metres from the body.

The exchange was apparently aware of the incident, tweeting “RIP Adam, we will miss you more than you could imagine” and embedding the following video.


An IT Veteran

Mr. Tepper

Tepper’s first venture was Asia-Australia Technology, a company which serviced companies by writing proprietary software solutions and, in the case of their largest client, Sydney’s Nine Entertainment, notably developing their broadcast management platform.

What Will Become of the Exchange?

According to a news item posted to the site by Chief Technology Officer Adrian Przelozny, “All Independent Reserve functions will continue to operate without disruption.” The company has five other corporate officers and one advisor, financial industry veteran Michael Go. It is unclear at this time who will take over the functions of the Chief Executive, but it appears the company is prepared to continue without his contributions.

Died Doing What He Enjoyed

Mr. Tepper’s biography specifies that riding a motorcycle is exactly the sort of thing he loved to do in his free-time.

Adam is a keen motorsport enthusiast and an annual participant in the Finke Desert Race. Adam thoroughly enjoys the great outdoors including off-roading, camping, trail riding and sailing.

Post-Humous Publication

Another news item on the Independent Reserve’s website says that he was working on a book when he passed away and that it may soon see publication.

We will honour his legacy by completing the book and ensuring it is published in a fitting manner.

The Bitcoin Association of Australia has kindly offered to collect Bitcoin donations that will be used to fund publishing costs of the book.

The donation page for this effort is located here.

It is sad when anyone dies unexpectedly, but it is particularly disruptive when such a person is contributing to a developmental revolution such as Bitcoin. The launch of Independent Reserve was treated as rather big news , especially given its ties to the traditional finance industry, by the local media which still, as late as October of last year, had little to no understanding of how Bitcoin works.

CCN.com will keep you posted with any pressing details that come about in this story.

Image of Adam Tepper copyright Independent Reserve of Sydney, Australia.