The Bitcoin Engagement Ring: Finally values Love!

The Bitcoin Engagement ring

The BTCring has just announced the launch of the Bitcoin engagement ring. It might not be to everyone’s taste but nonetheless, it is certainly a declaration of love. The love that dares to speak its name, the love that can finally be measured by scanning the ring and reading off the BTC. If Marilyn Monroe were around today, she would probably update her repertoire and sing that “bitcoins are a girls best friend.”


The BTCring goes on to advise potential lovers to: “Leave Those Diamonds in the Rough.” They go on to advise that the Bitcoin Engagement ring they offer is: “The only Bitcoin ring that marries real value and design. Don’t store your value in a rock, store it in a block.”

Potential lovers can not only participate in the design of their own ring but at any stage in the future they can opt to scan the ring to determine, and remind themselves, just how much it is  that they are loved. If the ring is ever lost, or thrown away, just replace the ring with one that will scan the same Bitcoin address, and there is no loss other than the cost of the ring. If salaries within the relationship increase the ring can be “improved” by simply adding bitcoins. Indeed the ring can contain “split keys” to ensure that both parties are involved in all major financial decisions.

Will this work? Will it ever replace diamonds as a girl’s best friend? I seriously doubt it. My wife cannot change the printer ink in our Laser-jet, she’s not technical. If you were to offer her a ring measured in Carats or one measured in BTC, I know that the crypto wouldn’t stand a chance. They advise, the jewelers anyway, that you should spend three months salary on an engagement ring. If things don’t work out you can always get the ring back… good luck with that! At least the Bitcoin engagement ring allows the ring to be “cashed out” so even if the girl keeps it, you can drastically reduce the value by means of a transfer.

I would have to point out, or disclose, that I am not in the market for an engagement ring and do not expect to be seeking one out at any time soon. When I sought to purchase one, many years ago, I brought the woman with me. I affectionately refer to the love of my life as “My little spitting cobra,”, and the S.C. picked out the one she wanted. Twenty-five years later, five children, four homes and a myriad of various dogs and cats, twenty chickens, six sheep, and for no particular reason a hedgehog, and the engagement ring is long lost. If there were bitcoins in 1990, would I be better off? Certainly! The spitting cobra would have bounced the Bitcoin engagement ring off my forehead and I wouldn’t be worried about mortgages and college fees. Why does a man that never failed an exam throughout college have to spend so much on college fees for “repeat examinations”?

Maybe there’s a film in this. A Bitcoin is smuggled from Africa after being mined by miners that are held in terrible conditions, or maybe not.

But that’s it. The Bitcoin engagement ring is out there. It just might work. I’m going out on a limb here but if you want my opinion don’t buy it until you get a girlfriend.

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