Ambasada BitcoinWant to learn more about Bitcoin? A new option that is growing in popularity is to go to your national “Bitcoin Embassy”.

What is a Bitcoin Embassy? It is an educational center where you can ask Bitcoin questions, use the computers to buy Bitcoins, and go to weekly seminars to learn more about mining and everything dealing with digital currencies like Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Embassy is a Revolutionary Step in Bitcoin Education and Research

Canada is represented by the 14,000 sq ft Bitcoin Embassy, in the heart of Montreal, which is comprised of three floors. The ground floor is used for basic interaction & education of new Bitcoin consumers, and for Bitcoin merchandising. Level 2 is a conference room area for full Bitcoin seminars, networking events, educational classes. The top floor is for administrative facilities and a Bitcoin “start-up incubator”.

“The mission of the Bitcoin Embassy is to inform, educate and assist on the use of Bitcoin and related crypto-technologies while advancing global usage.” according to their official blog. “The Bitcoin Embassy acts as a collaborative networking & meeting space in Montreal, where experienced Bitcoiners, startups and newcomers can share business ideas and develop them through its startup incubator.”

Poland has Ambasada Bitcoin since the summer, which is also the very first in Europe.’s Luke Rudkowski visited Warsaw, Poland and spoke with founder Maciek Ziolkowski about the details and the genesis of their new embassy.

Ambasada Bitcoin is a full-service Bitcoin Embassy that can help the new Bitcoin user with everything from basic Bitcoin information to how to begin your Bitcoin mining operation. Bitcoin wallet creation, Bitcoin security, and online/offline Bitcoin business creation are also handled here.

Thbitcoin embassye Bitcoin emBassy TLV in Tel Aviv, Isreal has been open for over a year and headed the charge into cryptocurrency in the Middle East. Staffer Gil Assayag conducts a Bitcoin security workshop at the emBassy, free and open for the public, to come and learn everything about opening a secure Bitcoin wallet. They can help you gain Bitcoin with the latest Lamassu Bitcoin ATM. Every Thursday, Alef Bit has a weekly open panel, taking place at the emBassy and on Facebook every Thursday. Expert volunteers available to the public to freely ask any question regarding 21st century economics and Bitcoin protocols. The Tel Aviv Bitcoin emBassy was also featured in Business Insider Australia earlier this year.

La Maison du Bitcoin (The House of Bitcoin) opened it’s doors to Paris on May 13th, 2014, the day after Ambasada Poland opened in Warsaw.

This should get a true Bitcoin enthusiast’s mental juices flowing as to how to expand the reach of Bitcoin in their area. You don’t need to open a 14,000 sq ft facility in Montreal to have a major impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem. Opening a Bitcoin Embassy in your city or town, and cornering your local market, can only help foster Bitcoin.  It can also make you a local media darling!  Whether you want to represent your country, state, town, city or town, this is another way to leave your legacy on the world of Bitcoin.


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