Bitcoin Domain Acquired for 1.1 Million USD by Josh Garza of GAWMiners :Update 1Million

August 4, 2014 11:10 UTC

The Bitcoin domain was purchased by Josh Garza of GAWMiners for a whopping 1.1 million US dollars. As larger players and investors come into the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world, more money is being invested in properties and businesses. was available on the market for a couple of weeks, even CCN was contacted for the possibility of buying the domain. And now it turns out that Josh Garza was the lucky one to acquire it.


Josh Garza woke me up at 2:30 am today with this message:

Josh Garza
To: Scott Fargo
Date: August 4, 2014, 2:32 AM
So you wanted some news?

I just bought for 1.1 million :)

I am used to phone calls, emails and texts at odd times of day and night from the many contacts I have world wide in the Bitcoin community. When I saw Josh was emailing me so late I read it and had to read it again. Josh had been saying he had some huge things in the works for the mining world and cryptocurrencies as a whole.

The acquisition of shows Josh Garza’s commitment to push GAWMiners forward. While Josh is no stranger to Bitcoin having started, and grown, GAWMiners into one of the largest cryptocurrency mining vendors. When I interviewed him he told me how dedicated to the industry he was and how much effort he was putting into making it a healthy one. He even has invited other vendors and resellers to be part of HashTalk, formerly HashTrader, that I reviewed.

Investors that are looking at Bitcoin will see this acquisition as another sign that it is worth investing in Bitcoin and Bitcoin related companies. Bitfury raising tons of  money and other IPOs along with big news like this show a massive potential for growth and investment. I will have an interview with Josh when we both wake up (US time) going over this deal and what some of his plans for the domain may be. Before I go back to sleep I will leave you with this quote from my interview with Josh:

How has Bitcoin changed your life, and the way you approached money?

Bitcoin is Money. It certainly gives a new perspective on a universal currency and the value of everyone believing in the same currency. That is a big reason why I got into it to begin with. I would say, for me personally, it has helped me understand; I am not this guy who just believes my company needs to grow, I feel the industry as a whole needs to grow. For me, it is that we need to invest in what we believe in. There is no better way to show you believe in something than by investing your money and time. Back it up with your checkbook. For me, I believe in this industry, and I am willing to invest my money I have made in my other companies to support it and help it grow. That is how it has changed my perspective.

Congratulations to Josh Garza and GAWMiners!

In an update Josh has stated it was $1 million that he purchased the domain for.  Also the seller would like to remain anonymous.

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