Alex Winter, a documentary maker from, wants to make a Bitcoin-documentary called the “Dark Web”. He posted his project on the popular crowdfunding platform and has now received 74 000 of 75 000 USD. He still needs 1000 USD to reach his target. Should we help him?

He writes:

Sure, this is a documentary about the Deep Web, Bitcoin and the Silk Road. But as importantly it’s an exploration of a pivotal moment in cultural history. The events that are currently taking place at this juncture of the digital revolution will shape our future.

We are asking you to join the community of our film as we build and launch this ambitious project, and follow us on the journey. We’re interviewing some of the greatest and most notorious minds in all areas of this story; hackers, innovators, politicians, free-thinkers, law enforcement and criminals.

Here is his promotional video that you can also view on his kickstarter page:

Someone, give this guy a 10 000 USD pledge and play air guitar with him on a yacht. We want the footage!