Bitcoin Core 0.9.2

Bitcoin Core 0.9.2Bitcoin Core 0.9.2 has been released and is available for download from

This is minor release version containing mostly bug fixes and a few improvements to the code base and GUI.

Important: Users should upgrade to this release due to critical security updates in the included OpenSSL library (CVE-2014-0224 which is a new vulnerability – not the Heartbleed Bug)

General Users will benefit from the following improvements:


  • Fix various coin control visual issues
  • Show number of in/out connections in debug console
  • Show weeks as well as years behind for long timespans behind
  • Enable and disable the Show and Remove buttons for requested payments history based on whether any entry is selected
  • Show also value for options overridden on command line in options dialog
  • Fill in label from address book also for URIs
  • Fixes feel when resizing the last column on tables (issue #2862)
  • Fix ESC in disablewallet mode
  • Add expert section to wallet tab in optionsdialog
  • Do proper boost::path conversion (fixes unicode in datadir)
  • Only override -datadir if different from the default (fixes -datadir in config file)
  • Show rescan progress at start-up
  • Show importwallet progress
  • Get required locks upfront in polling functions (avoids hanging on locks)
  • Catch Windows shutdown events while client is running
  • Optionally add third party links to transaction context menu
  • Check for !pixmap() before trying to export QR code (avoids crashes when no QR code could be generated)
  • Fix “Start bitcoin on system login”


  • Make GetAvailableCredit run GetHash() only once per transaction (performance improvement)
  • Lower paytxfee warning threshold from 0.25 BTC to 0.01 BTC
  • Fix importwallet nTimeFirstKey (trigger necessary rescans)
  • Log BerkeleyDB version at startup
  • CWallet init fix


  • Add getwalletinfo, getblockchaininfo and getnetworkinfo calls (will replace hodge-podge getinfo at some point)
  • Add a relayfee field to getnetworkinfo
  • Fix RPC related shutdown hangs and leaks
  • Always show syncnode in getpeerinfo
  • sendrawtransaction: report the reject code and reason, and make it possible to re-send transactions that are already in the mempool
  • getmininginfo show right genproclimit

Command-line options

  • Fix -printblocktree output
  • Show error message if ReadConfigFile fails

Developers and node operators will notice the following changes:

The OpenSSL dependency in the gitian builds has been upgraded to 1.0.1h because of CVE-2014-0224 (new vulnerability – not the Heartbleed Bug).

Block-chain handling and storage

  • Fix for GetBlockValue() after block 13,440,000 (BIP42)
  • Upgrade leveldb to 1.17

Protocol and network code

  • Per-peer block download tracking and stalled download detection
  • Add new DNS seed from
  • Prevent socket leak in ThreadSocketHandler and correct some proxy related socket leaks
  • Use pnode->nLastRecv as sync score (was the wrong way around)

Build system

  • Add OSX build descriptors to gitian
  • Fix explicit –disable-qt-dbus
  • Don’t require db_cxx.h when compiling with wallet disabled and GUI enabled
  • Improve missing boost error reporting
  • Upgrade miniupnpc version to 1.9
  • gitian-linux: –enable-glibc-back-compat for binary compatibility with old distributions
  • gitian: don’t export any symbols from executable
  • gitian: build against Qt 4.6
  • devtools: add script to check symbols from Linux gitian executables
  • Remove build-time no-IPv6 setting