Bitcoin Conference at Purdue University

Giulio Prisco @giulioprisco
November 2, 2014

Purdue University hosted its first ever Bitcoin conference on Nov. 1 in Stewart Center. The daylong Midwestern Bitcoin Conference featured lectures from various Purdue professors and leaders in the Bitcoin community.

Sponsored by the Purdue Bitcoin Club and attended by about 50 people, the event wanted to raise awareness about Bitcoin and its related technologies, and to foster networking at the event amongst those interested in the technology.

Ph.D. student Eric Lin said:

“A lot of development is happening now. It’s a great time to be interested in bitcoin and related technologies.”

Economics professor Cathy Zhang, who kicked off the conference with a presentation on monetary systems, said that Bitcoin is a fascinating phenomenon:

“It’s tied to people’s belief and expectation of the future. It’s volatile because it’s tied to people’s belief.”

Zhang is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management. Her research interests are in macroeconomics, monetary economics, and search theory. She also has interests in international economics and experimental economics.

Andrew Zeller, a doctoral candidate in Purdue’s mathematics program, said:

“I like the notion of people doing what they want, when they want, as they want without interference.”

Creating Valuable Networking Opportunities in the West Lafayette and Lafayette Community

Other speakers at Saturday’s conference included Rassah Murashchik of Mycelium Wallet; Brian Deery of Factom; Ryan Raymond of Storj; Elizabeth Ploshay of Bitpay; Jad Mubaslat of Bitquick; Daniel Bloch of College Cryptocurrency Network; T.M. Lee of Coingecko; Chris Wagner of Spendabit; and Paul Rosenberg of Cryptohippie.

Purdue University is a major research university located in Lafayette, Indiana known for discoveries in science, technology, engineering and more.

The purpose of the Purdue Bitcoin Club is to help students and the public to exchange ideas and resources more freely through the advocation of Bitcoin adoption, Bitcoin research and the development of Bitcoin related technologies. This includes assisting local businesses with Bitcoin integration, increasing understanding and awareness about Bitcoin throughout the student body, integrating with the West Lafayette and Lafayette community and creating valuable networking opportunities. The club also welcomes discussions about other cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based or decentralized technologies.

The Purdue Bitcoin Club is a member of the College Cryptocurrency Network.

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Images from Purdue Bitcoin Club.

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