Bitcoin community helps Boulevard get BTC ATM

March 20, 2014 11:25 UTC
Bitcoin Boulevard got its Bitcoin ATM at the very last moment, thanks to the community and Bitcoin Suisse.

The Netherlands will see their first Bitcoin ATM opening up on Thursday in the city of The Hague, coinciding with the official launch of Bitcoin Boulevard. The cryptocurrency has been omnipresent in the whole country after the news about the boulevard was made public.

Last-minute Bitcoin ATM

The Bitcoin ATM will be posted at Restaurant Eten bij Werelds. The restaurant is one of ten participants in The Hague’s first Bitcoin Boulevard. Visitors of this boulevard will be able to pay with the virtual currency at a number of restaurants, bars and a gallery. With the arrival of the ATM, The Hague opens up Bitcoin Boulevard for people who don’t have any coins right now. This action makes Bitcoin Boulevard very attractive to people who haven’t worked with virtual currencies before. A Bitcoin Suisse team will travel to the Netherlands to facilitate the installing of the ATM, making sure everything goes as planned when the Boulevard opens up.

Funny fact about this ATM. The people that run the Boulevard didn’t have any plans on placing an ATM until four days ago. Bitcoin fanatics who are active on Bitcoin’s subreddit noticed the Boulevard was missing an ATM. Because this project was intended to make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone, it seemed only logical to have a machine in place where people could obtain Bitcoins. What else is the use of Bitcoin Boulevard when new people aren’t able to get Bitcoins there? It didn’t take long until a Reddit post appeared, asking the community if there was any way to get an ATM there. Everything is possible, but the tricky part was the timeframe. The Boulevard opens up on Thursday 20th of March, and the post was made five days before.

Once again, the Bitcoin community appeared strong at solving problems. Bitcoin Suisse responded straight away, offering their services to the people of the Bitcoin Boulevard. Wheels were set in motion and tomorrow, at launch; there will be a Bitcoin ATM present in Bitcoin Boulevard. The speed at which this problem was resolved is, to say the least, remarkable. If the Boulevard appears to be a success, more ATMs will soon follow.

Unique project

People who are interested and want to see this all for themselves can travel to The Hague. Bitcoin Boulevard can be found at The Dunne Bierkade. It’s an avenue that is famous for its restaurants and bars. The merchants expect that the projectwill make their business even more accessible. On top of that, they’re expecting a rise in visitors since people will want to visit this special place. Until Bitcoin becomes widely spread and accepted, this remains a unique project.

The goal of the project it to put Bitcoin in a positive light. Bitcoin Boulevard was set up by bitcoin enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and the gallery West. The exact starting time will be at 17.57 hrs. (the precise start of Spring in the Netherlands). If you’re looking for more information, you can keep yourself updated by following Bitcoin Boulevard’s own Twitter account. They regularly update with news about merchants and the occasional happy hours. A Bitcoin happy hour, who would want to miss out on that?

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