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Bitcoin.com Management Passes from Blockchain.info to OKCoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM
Caleb Chen
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:42 PM

bitcoin com relaunchInternational Bitcoin exchange OKCoin today announced that it has taken over stewardship of Bitcoin.com. The eponymous Bitcoin website is owned by an anonymous individual who has chosen several different Bitcoin companies to manage the site over the last couple years. Control of Bitcoin.com has passed from TradeHill to Blockchain.info and now to OKCoin. No party involved has clarified whether or not Bitcoin.com’s owner or Blockchain.info initiated the change in management.

Bitcoin.com New Management

OKCoin promises that the new management of bitcoin.com will lead to positive impacts for the Bitcoin community around the world. Bitcoin.com is one of the most visible Bitcoin websites for Bitcoin newbies. Though there are plenty of more-frequented  websites, the Bitcoin.com domain name will always have a special meaning to the nascent Bitcoin community. As a whole, everyone can recognize the benefit of having an information-laden bitcoin.com versus one that merely redirects to Coinbase with a referral code.

Speaking to CCN.com, OKCoin emphasized:

The site will continue featuring the most updated news and information happening in the bitcoin world. Moreover, it will outline several explanations and basic concepts that are relevant for all participants who are active in the bitcoin market. Certain modifications will revamp the way the site is laid out. These changes aim to offer a more visually appealing and engaging page where users can easily navigate while browsing.

As a result of this transition, bitcoin.com  will continue as a major source of information for the bitcoin community. We look forward to presenting valid and insightful data that will allow further communication to continue within the bitcoin landscape. Therefore, the site will remain the same by nature, yet it will have more consistent and relevant updates with the hopes to continue efforts to promote awareness and understanding about bitcoin.

Ƀ Versus ฿

An interesting note that may or may not intrigue the average Bitcoin.com user, the proposed Bitcoin symbol change from ฿ to Ƀ had its largest support from the movement’s presence on bitcoin.com. Largely, the Bitcoin community has either tentatively embraced the rebranding or heavily ignored it. With the loss of its largest champion, Bitcoin.com, the Ƀ movement still treks on.

Blockchain.info Abandoned

It is unclear why the anonymous head of bitcoin.com decided to go with OKCoin over Blockchain.info. However, recent security issues and bad publicity for Blockchain.info may have been a contributing factor. Blockchain.info is still the most popular Bitcoin web wallet in the world; however, a string of recent hacks has shaken the community’s faith in the company. Blockchain.info reportedly had a 5-year contract with bitcoin.com.

Images from Shutterstock and Bitcoin.com.

Note; Neither OKCoin nor Blockchain.info have responded to queries for comments on the exact nature of the transfer.