[dropcap size=small]O[/dropcap]n 4/15/14. Blockchain.info‘s Nic Cary took to Twitter to tease the Bitcoin populace with an upcoming announcement… Many were reminded of the last time Cary promised an announcement; the announcement fell short of many’s expectations.  This time around expectations were met and exceeded, Cary truly has presented a crowdpleaser.https://twitter.com/niccary/status/456129500707688449


Blockchain.info announced today that:

Blockchain.info has struck a five year deal to exclusively manage the domain name Bitcoin.com.

Blockchain.info is positioning itself to maintain and build its preeminence in the Bitcoin community by building strategic relationships that promote the understanding and usage of cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin.com domain name is the latest addition to a growing stable of products from Blockchain.info.


The new bitcoin.com has a simple UI and provides links to wallets, news, and a search function.  Of course, the wallet image links to blockchain.info’s wallet.  The news image links to Blockchain.info’s recently acquired Zeroblock.  The search image links to blockchain.info’s comprehensive and useful search function where you can view the information presented on the blockchain.  Bitcoin.com is now a great resource to share with your friends and family that are perhaps interested in Bitcoin.  Compared with bitcoin.org, bitcoin.com is much less technical and easy to digest in one sitting.  Also, compared to weusecoins.com, bitcoin.com is a great newbie resource that won’t cause an insatiable urge to get rick quick by mining.

Who Owns Bitcoin.com?

According to this Bitcointalk thread, which was oft frequented by recently indicted Charlie Shrem, bitcoin.com is under the control of a private individual who still chooses to remain anonymous.  Prior to the announcement of this deal, bitcoin.com was sitting on the inter-webs and stagnating.  In 2012, bitcoin.com was being used as a landing page for Trade Hill as a result of a deal struck between TradeHill’s Jared Kenna and the private owner of bitcoin.com.  However, once TradeHill’s exchange was no longer 100% functional, the deal was off.  Many users, including Charlie Shrem, have since been keeping an eye on the site and lamenting its lack of use.

Ƀ Versus ฿

One thing that many Bitcoiners will notice is that Blockchain.info has gone ahead and used Ƀ in all of their design images on the new site.  A group of industry leaders, including Lamassu, preev, a-ads, Zeroblock, Honey Badger!, and Tip4Commit, have committed to use Ƀ in all situations possible. In general, I think the Bitcoin community is largely against this move.  Supporters of the classic ฿ point out that Satoshi Nakamoto himself utilized that unicode symbol; additionally, the ฿ is already a brand logo for Bitcoin and it is way too late to make any sort of meaningful change.  Supporters of the insurgent Ƀ like to point out that the Thai Baht already uses the ฿ and Bitcoin shouldn’t intentionally steal or cause confusion.  Alternatively, the $ unicode symbol is used to symbolize multiple currencies from around the world without any issue.

You can view their efforts at bitcoinsymbol.org.

So… How about it? Are you a ฿itcoiner or a Ƀitcoiner?