Bitcoin Cold Storage: Bitkee Product Review

Drew Cordell (@DrewjCordell) @DrewjCordell
June 20, 2014

Bitkee is a company that offers cold storage solutions for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. The wallets are generated offline and are packaged in a unique way befor ebeing sent to customers. Bitkee sent me several samples of the products they offer as well as products that they will be adding to their store in the future, ranging from vinyl decals of Bitcoin to Bottle openers.

Note: The author was sent products to review and has no relationship with Bitkee.


Bitkee offers metal card wallets with the option of various forms of encryption to protect private keys. The most common for personal use is BIP-38. BIP-38 private keys can only be decrypted if you have both the encrypted private key and the passphrase to the encryption. Bitkee also offers Electrum, Armory, and Multisigniture wallets for Bitcoin. The shipping method is unique and uses a technique that is very old, but effective, it adds to the memorability of receiving one of these cards in the mail. Bitkee packages the cards in a small manila envelope then seals the envelope in wax with the Bitkee seal. It is easy to tell if the seal has been broken and it is very cool to receive something in the mail that is sealed in wax, as it is not common at all anymore. The smaller envelopes are also put into a larger shipping carton for additional security.

Wax Seal

Bitkee offers three metal types and a large variety of colors on the products. The three metals offered are Titanium, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel. The Stainless Steel and Aluminum cards have the same thickness however the Stainless Steel card is very heavy and might not be a good option for carrying in a leather wallet. The Aluminum card is much lighter and is a perfect weight to carry in a leather wallet. The titanium card is very thin, light, and has a very high heat tolerance. Titanium is the main component in fighter jets and can withstand the immense heat of the exhaust of jets.  If you are looking for a card to store at home, the Stainless Steel one is the best option, as it has a higher melting point than Aluminum. If you are looking for a card to carry every day, the Aluminum or Titanium card is your best option. It is important to note that you can order a card that has both the public and encrypted private key as well as a keychain with only the public keychain to carry around to accept payments on the go.

The laser engraving on the products is done very well looks very clean. The products themselves are much more durable than paper wallets and offer encryption which would prevent you from losing your funds if you lost your Bitkee card.

The Vinyl Decals look very professional and stick very well. Bitkee will soon offer these decals and the engraved/laser carved Bottle Openers for sale.  The decals will come in a variety of colors and images and can be used on cars or other things.


Bitkee’s products are very high quality, and the wide assortment of storage solutions means that there is something for everyone. For everyday carry, the stainless steel cards need to be lighter in weight, but the aluminum and titanium cards are the perfect weight for everyday carry. The wax seal and offline generation of the keys make the wallets secure and durable. Each card offers a varying degree of protection against fire, if you are very concerned about fire and want to store a large amount of Bitcoin; the Titanium card is the best option for you. For everyday carry, I recommend the aluminum card, as it fits in a leather wallet and doesn’t weigh very much. Jay, one of the owners of Bitkee has told me that they are looking into tamper evident packaging even more secure than the wax seal on their products.

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