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Bitcoin Can Make History, If We Go Back To The Future

Last Updated May 6, 2023 8:50 AM
Evander Smart
Last Updated May 6, 2023 8:50 AM

a black and gold button with a bitcoin on itThis op-ed is all about inspiring you to look at the future from a different perspective. Getting you to look at the world, at Bitcoin, and how they fit together in a totally different fashion.

People today are all caught up in the US Dollar price of Bitcoin and the ups-and-downs of Bitcoin’s value relative to a fiat currency. That misses the entire point of what Bitcoin is, and why it’s here. It’s here for you. It’s not here to compete with dollars, for dollars. And Bitcoin can make history, most likely by repeating history in its own image.

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If you look at the numbers and the timelines, historically, Bitcoin is where “The Internet” was twenty years ago . Bitcoin is really taking you back in time, to 1994. Where were you in 1994? Where was “The Internet”?  There was no Facebook (started in 2004), YouTube (created in 2005) or Google (formed in 1998) in 1994. ESPN just started their website the previous year.  The 5-year old Internet was so new people were still asking “What is email?” , like today they ask “What is Bitcoin?”. It was also pretty much a blank slate, and it’s important that you see the parallels with Bitcoin and it’s development.   

Venture capitalists are investing in Bitcoin like they did in The Internet back in 1994, only more so. New companies, ideas, and people are finding Bitcoin as a way to grow personally and economically every day.  The more people hear about Bitcoin, and understand it, and use it, the more they are intrigued.  My question is: What’s can you do to help?


Bitcoin Can Make History

Actually, what you can do is incredibly simple, just not easy.  You have a very successful blueprint to work with. There are plans readily available to follow. The way I see it, The Internet is 25 years old, as of March of this year.  It would be like a young father, or mother.  And Bitcoin would be its child. “The Internet” is the role model, the teacher, the mentor for this young child.  They share so much in common, and you can see the genetic resemblance throughout.  “The Internet” moves information worldwide, digitally.  Bitcoin moves money worldwide, digitally. They both have proven that they can bring new technologies and abilities to the masses, for a pittance. They are both here to serve you throughout this life, if you let them.  You and I have allowed “The Internet” into our lives and have allowed ourselves to grow with it, appreciate it, and become somewhat addicted to it. Can you let “The Internet of Money” do the same for you for the next twenty years? Will we learn from “The Internet” that much more is possible, if you have an open mind? Let “The Internet” be your guide.

Who reading this will make the ESPN of Bitcoin?  Or Facebook 2.0 (BitBook)? A massive search engine for Bitcoin businesses, Bitcoin news, and Bitcoin information?  The only thing that slowed the Internet’s progress was the lack of fiber-optics and global connectivity.  Only you can slow the progress of Bitcoin, by not getting involved.  Bitcoin can now grow twice as fast as “The Internet” did because it’s parent has already plowed the field and shown it the way forward.  At just five years old, Bitcoin has so many more opportunities and advantages that its Dad never had at that age.  The Internet succeeded because enough people used it, and saw the vision of what it could be.  They opened their minds, and hearts, to what the future could be like, and that future became their future.

Maybe this piece will open a couple of people’s minds to what Bitcoin can be. Just think about a Bitcoin website, or business venture, or idea, that could be modeled after the nascent Internet of decades past.  Imagine what the Internet needed way back when, and create a Bitcoin version for today’s user.  What have you got to lose?  Just like “The Internet”, Bitcoin is its own ecosystem, an independently global force of nature, in digital form.  Think of it as another Internet, designed to run parallel to it’s old man.  You can run websites powered and funded by Bitcoin.  It can be whatever you want it to be.  So what do you want it to be?

Think about it tonight.  Spend 5-10 minutes thinking about what Bitcoin can be, that it isn’t already, and just think about how you can help get it there. Who will make Brooklyn’s first Search Engine, powered by Bitcoin? Why doesn’t California have it’s own sports website, where all of the ads are bought in BTC, and all the employees are paid in digital currency?  Let’s brainstorm here.  There is a whole world out there of ideas, from people just like you. Will you be the one out of one hundred who acts on it, and changes Bitcoin forever?  Why not you?  Maybe you will become the next Michael Dell or Bill Gates.  Except you won’t have to build a computer, just a website, an idea, a concept.  And it doesn’t even have to be yours, just one that can be applied to the Bitcoin space, that already exists. Websites are infinitely easier to build than they were twenty years ago.  We take for granted how lucky we are to have “The Internet”, and all the options it gives us.

two people sitting on a bench near the ocean
It takes a village to raise a child. What can you do to help young Bitcoin grow?

Maybe it’s time that you gave back to “The Internet”, and help its prodigal son be all that it can be.  Be a member of the village that helps raise this very special child. When the Internet improved, so did you. You reap what you sow in this world.  So lend a hand. Don’t walk by young Bitcoin and not get involved in its growth.  You may earn more than you every thought you could, if you need more of an incentive than just doing the right thing. Everyone in your village will be better off for it, if you can see what can happen twenty years down the road. History proves it so.  Some history is well worth repeating.  So let’s make history, all over again.

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