Bitcoin Bigfoot Prepares for Plan ฿ Distribution with Big Sponsorships

Calvin Tran @@clvnthbld
March 27, 2014

With great business relations, many public appearances at conferences and elsewhere, Bitcoin Bigfoot has received the sponsorship of CheapAir, one of the world’s first travel agencies to accept Bitcoin, allowing them to add to their goal of distributing over 100 thousand Plan ฿ brochures meant to promote Bitcoin awareness and adoption.

CheapAir joins a growing list of big cryptocurrency sponsors including Bitcoin Magazine, Coinosphere and LocalBitcoins.

A sample of their brochure found on their blog.

[divider]What is the Plan ฿ brochure?[/divider]

Have you ever been caught off-guard with a question about Bitcoin? No more need for scribbling little notes on napkins, these pamphlets are meant to make it easier for the cryptocommunity to spread the word about Bitcoin. Bitcoin Bigfoot explains it on their blog.

“The Plan ฿ brochure is a professional, informative promotional tool, designed to assist bitcoin activists and supporters in spreading adoption to their friends, family, neighbors, and associates. The inspiration comes from our own outreach efforts, speaking to local bit-curious individuals who have been hearing about bitcoin in the news, online, and in their own social circles. Many times these people just need to speak one on one with an informed individual, someone who can answer their questions, and provide some guidance. We were all part of the bit-curious population at one point, and without this same sort of opportunity from our friends we might not be bitcoin supporters and activists, today. So pay it forward! You’ve got the time and answers, Bitcoin Bigfoot and the Plan ฿ brochure has you covered when its time to suggest wallet providers, news sources, exchanges, merchant services providers, and big-name bitcoin accepting businesses!”

With the generous help of sponsors and individual donations, Bitcoin Bigfoot has exceeded their goals of 16 BTC with 16.913 BTC. That’s almost $500 more than was aimed for! Distribution of these brochures begins April 1 and requests are piling in at record numbers.

Bitcoin Bigfoot is an organization that seeks to promote the awareness and understanding of Bitcoin and the crypto-community. All of their material is aimed at promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies. All pamphlets, propaganda and paraphernalia can be sent to you at no cost. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Bitcoin activist, visit their page and sign up!

I’ve already signed up and I’ve planned a few meetings with local businesses. I’ll write a follow-up article on that soon!

If you would like to donate, here’s the BTC address:


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