Bitcoin in the Beltway
Bitcoin in the Beltway
This week’s Bitcoin in the Beltway conference will bring Bitcoin into the “Dragon’s Den” of Washington, D.C.

One of the Bitcoin community’s most difficult challenges is negotiating with governments about what role Bitcoin should have in society. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a serious threat to national fiat monetary systems, but the governments behind those systems are a threat to Bitcoin as well. For  proof of this, one need look no further than how the Bitcoin price fluctuates based on statements made by government officials in nations such as the United States and China. This week’s Bitcoin in the Beltway conference promises to confront that political battle head on.


Bitcoin in the Beltway Conference to Bring Bitcoin into the Dragon’s Den

The year 2014 could rightly be called the “Year of the Bitcoin conference.” Already we have seen huge conferences in TexasAmsterdam and Vienna, and a cursory look at the list of Bitcoin events still to come during 2014 reveals that an increasing number of people are gaining interest in Bitcoin. This weekend, some of Bitcoin’s most promising evangelists and entrepreneurs will descend upon Washington, D.C. for another important cryptocurrency conference: Bitcoin in the Beltway.

Bitcoin in the Beltway will be a comprehensive Bitcoin conference, covering topics including business, charity, and technology. However, the conference was placed in the nation’s capital for a reason, and conference speakers intend to speak directly when it comes to the political implications of cryptocurrency. As the Bitcoin in the Beltway promoters bluntly state:

“Into the dragon’s den. Bitcoin is one of the most disruptive, revolutionary, and fascinating technologies ever seen…Washington, DC will soon play host to one of the most comprehensive conferences on bitcoin to date.”

Featuring speech titles such as “Bitcoin: the Bullet That Will Destroy the District of Criminals,” this event promises to pull no punches.

Conference Speakers

Bitcoin in the Beltway boasts an impressive speaker lineup; here are a few of the highlights. Vitalik Buterin will conduct a presentation on Ethereum, the revolutionary next-generation distributed applications programming language he co-founded. Andreas Antonopoulos of will deliver an address titled “The Future of Cryptocurrency.” Jeffrey Tucker, Chief Officer of Liberty.Me, will discuss the economic and political implications of Bitcoin in regards to existent monetary systems. Elizabeth Ploshay, who recently joined the Bitcoin payment-processor BitPay with the mission of integrating Bitcoin into as many political campaigns during the 2014 mid-term Congressional elections as possible, will also present at the conference.

Patrick Byrne and Cody Wilson will deliver the two keynote addresses on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Byrne, who is CEO of Overstock–one of the largest companies to accept Bitcoin payments–will revisit the address he gave at Bitcoin 2014 in Amsterdam: “500 Years of Liberalism from the Netherlands to Cryptocurrency.” Cody Wilson will speak about Dark Wallet, the Bitcoin wallet he co-founded that allows completely anonymous Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin in the Beltway Event Information

Bitcoin in the Beltway kicks off this Friday evening at the Washington, D.C. Mariott Renaissance Downtown and will continue through Sunday. Tickets are $400 for the 3-day conference, but if you reserve your tickets early, you can save $100. Students attending Bitcoin in the Beltway can acquire tickets for a special rate of $150. You can buy tickets using Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, or credit card–for an additional fee. The conference organizers also plan to donate 10% of all proceeds to Sean’s Outpost, the Florida homeless shelter that operates on cryptocurrency donations. I am traveling to the conference to cover it for CryptoCoinsNews, so if you are not able to be there in person be sure to check CCN regularly for coverage updates.