Bitcoin ASIC Miner Company Rockminer and Its Community Success

Scott Fargo @TalonTech1
August 1, 2014
Interview With Alex of Rockminer and Information Rockminer’s “Mining Everyone Project R100”

Rockminer is a community success story in the manufacturing area of Bitcoin ASIC miners. I had recently reviewed the R-Box ASIC miners from Rockminer and not only did I like the miner, I found that the community supports them robustly. With Rockminer being a new manufacturer, the risks of being passed over and not noticed were huge as happens to many new companies that bring miners to market. First they had the R-Box, and then the Rocket, now they have an R3-Box which I will have a review of soon as well. The R4-Box is in development. I contacted Rockminer and was able to get a hold of Alex, head of the overseas department and sales of Rockminer, for an interview. He told me about their Mining Everyone: Project R100 (ROCKMINER’s 100 Experience Hot Spots Over the World) a very aggressive new way to demonstrate Rockminer’s commitment to the cryptocurrency community in general.


The Mining Everyone: Project R100 (ROCKMINER’s 100 Experience Hot Spots Over the World) is a great way to introduce people to mining and Rockminer’s miners. By leveraging the Bitcoin and Crypto Currency communities expertise to help exhibit the power of their miners and the ease of use of newer ASIC miners, it will help more people get into mining. Rockminer is looking to do this worldwide. I applaud this project as we need more people interested in mining to help keep it decentralized. Here is a bit about it from their website.”

R3-Box Sneak Peek

As you can see, The Mining Everyone: Project R100 is a worthy cause to get behind. Rockminer is bringing mining directly to more and more people in a real and fun way. With Rockminer sending mining rigs to the administrators to publicly show off mining, the publicity will be great. I live in the middle of nowhere, or else I would be signing up right now.


Alex and I had an interview recently. He helped shed some light on a couple different facets of Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturing, such as how they tie down pricing in BTC and a few of their other challenges.

Could you tell me if you know about choosing AMT chips and how the design and integration of the board went beyond what I could find in the thread?

We build miners by BE200, ASICMINER GEN.3,40NM; you can find it at:

Sales have been doing great due to the excellent pricing. How difficult has price pressure been as price drops happen fairly quickly?

There are two consistent ‍prices, btc price and miners price, and btc price is the base. A miners producing margin cuts down a lot, because of btc price cuts down a lot and stronger competition.

The R-Box is a great miner to help introduce people to mining. What other advantages do you see it having?

R-BOX is very cute, quiet, stable and easily to be used to people, especially newbies, and that’s a comparative advantage to other bigger Bitcoin miners.

How has Bitcoin changed your life?

I am totally participating in BITCOIN now, and I left from former company 6 months ago, which was an NGO focusing on policies and economics research.

What are your plans for your company that you are ready to speak about now like the new faster miners, etc.?

We are going to be an international company, that’s why we like exhibiting and sponsoring Bitcoin conferences as much as we can.We have a plan for universal mining that’s why we build R-BOX, and then R3 and R4, they are different hashrate and suitable for different people.

Do you have an idea when the larger versions of these miners will become available? After June 24th I know. :-)

R3 is coming, R4 will be batch shipped out on 12th July, and T hashrate miners are being built, its will be batch produced in next month.

What were the challenges of designing, funding and bringing to market the RockMiner line of miners?

The cooling system is very important facet of miners, stability and convenience are others.The most challenging is time, time and time.

Do you have anything specific you would like to say or add?‍

For miner’s production, cost is projected in the future, miner’s price will be different depending on its projected ROI. That’s the character of investment. BTW, I don’t think scale is everything, decentralization will exist just as long as the BITCOIN industry: people will invest in different industries; mining, exchange, hashrate exchange, financial and so on.‍


Rockminer has been a success so far and with the active community and vendor support they are growing. As Alex has illustrated they never stop working and time is of the utmost importance along with cooling. The R3-Box which uses the ASICMiner’s Gen 3 40nm BE200 chip, just like the R-Box, has pushed Rockminer into a higher competitive bracket. I like The Mining Everyone: Project R100 as it can bring so many more people into mining in a hands-on and guided manner. Rockminer is working hard to make that happen. They are a company to watch and so far it has been interesting to see how fast they are evolving.

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