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September 26, 2014 12:15 UTC
ASIC Miner USB Adaptor for Rpi

There are few in stock Bitcoin ASIC miners available for sale but that is about to change. The Bitcoin ASIC miners Tube, Rockminer T1, BTCGarden V1 X2 and a few quickly selling Antminer S3s are sold on some sites.

The lack of Antminer S4 pricing, and pre-orders with other manufacturers, has led many people wondering when Bitmain will start shipping. Today Bitmain finally opened sales of the Antminer S4. The released specifications are promising, with lower power consumption of the S3 chips along with a sturdier case design and more powerful PSU.

Specifications of the Antminer S4

  • Chip Operating Voltage: 0.72V
  • Chip Quantity per unit: 160
  • Hash Rate: 2,000GH/s guaranteed
  • Power Efficiency: 0.69Watt/GH/s at the wall
  • Over clocking: About 10%, but not guaranteed
  • 3U Rack 432mm*442mm*133mm
  • PSU inside: 1400W, 80PLUS gold. Power line not included. You may look for one line with no less than 16A in your local market.
  • Temperature: 40-50 degree Celsius tested in the mining farm
  • Fan Speed: 3900RPM
  • Stable but a little bit noisy
  • Ethernet connection, Stand alone
  • Certificate Compliance: FCC/CE
Bitmain Antminer S4 Internal Design

It is very exciting to see a 2 th/s miner with a low power draw like this one. Bitmain’s track record with ease of use and reliability will make these hot sellers despite the price that is a bit higher than expected.

Bitmain also changed the design of the Antminer S4 to not only avoid the problems the S2 had in shipping, but to also make it more reliable and easier to cool. The changes are welcomed, and with a 3U case size it is not so large that it cannot be easily fit into server racks and standard shelving racks as well.

CCN will bring you an Antminer S4 review in the coming days, courtesy of Juan Garavaglia at Shipping starts September 29th.

Juan had this to say about the Antminer S4:

Antminer S4 is a the best built miner in the market today.

Demand was very high for the S3, do you see Bitmain selling them along side the S4 still or do you think that after the announced Batch 10 they will stop making them?

Bitmain management has a record of many good decisions in the past so I am positive this will not be the exception

The second miner that was announced a couple days ago is the ASIC Miner Prisma. The Prisma is the next evolution of the Tube miner recently reviewed here. It steps up from the X24 design to the X48 design and not only lowers the power consumption but also reaches 1.4 th/s while doing so. Another pleasant surprise is that there will also be a Raspberry Pi image, and they are working on some updates the BE200 controller which I had outlined the issues in the ASIC Miner Tube review. This update and the RPi controller is going to expand the Prisma and the Tubes abilities and ease of use. The specs on the Prisma are nice indeed. It is still the Tube design just a bit longer. The shape will make it easy to setup and deploy as is the Tube.

ASICMiner Prisma 1.4 th/s

ASIC Miner Prisma is based on a proprietary X48 design for BE200. It greatly reduces power consumption of the device per GH/s compared to the X24 design. It takes the same cooling structure and similar form factor as the ASICMiner Tube, while being even more efficient and compact. Also, we added cgminer support on Raspberry PI.

Specifications of the ASIC Miner Prisma

  • Hashrate: 350-370GH/s per hashing unit in normal mode, 1400-1480GH/s per full device.
  • Power consumption: ~0.67 W/G board-wise. On-wall power consumption relies on PSU efficiency (typically 1050-1100 W per full device, 0.75-0.78 W/G)
  • Size: 35cmx12cmx12cm per full device.
  • Weight: 7.5kg per full device.
  • Powering: One 6pin PCI-E plugs per hashing unit.

The hashing units will be driven by ethernet controllers (BE200 Controller). The Prisma is also be driven by cgminer on Raspberry PI.

Each ethernet controller or Raspberry PI can run up to 32 units.

The Prisma is the new ASICMiner offering. What are your thoughts on its design and power consumption?

Juan: ASICminer is achieving a great performance in 40nm chips the new PRISMA design has great performance, very dense and cost efficient.

It is just as exciting to see the Prisma hit the market at the same time as the S4. With the Antminer S4, Prisma, and Spondoolies-Tech SP20 shipping in mid-October, we will have a full landscape of Bitcoin miners to choose from that meet the needs of both the large and small miners.

CCN will bring you a review of the ASIC Miner Prisma soon.

Customer demand has been large lately for new miners, what are your projections on how both of these will sell?

Juan:  With current Bitcoin price demand of miners is low because in the other hand large operations are investing and will see quite large mining operations in USA in the near future.

What surprises do you have in store for mining customers at

We have been working for some time to launch a line of PSUs designed specifically for bitcoin mining as soon as we have the product we wish to have we will send you one to test and review first.

Very exciting times indeed as the Bitcoin ASIC miner market is heating up again. New PSUs on the way made specifically for ASIC miners and more.

Stay tuned CCN will bring you more mining news.

Images from Bitmain.

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