Bitcoin ASIC Hosting Strikes Deal With Dell for Data Center Miner Hosting

Bitcoin ASIC Hosting based out of Seattle Washington made a key deal with Dell to hosting miners in Quincy WA data center. Dell with it’s recent move to accept Bitcoin payments has been opening even more doors to the Cryptocurrency world. When Bitcoin ASIC Hosting went looking for a facility to host in, they contacted the Dell data center in Quincy.

From Dell’s customer site experience site. Lauren Miehe, Co-Founder and Head of Operations, Bitcoin ASIC Hosting:

Large residential operations are no longer feasible for the latest generation of bitcoin-mining hardware. We have all the cloud computing capabilities we need to host all our current customers, as well as future ones at Dell’s Western Technology Center.

Dell stepping in the Bitcoin mining world is a nice step, and we will keep an eye one it.

Allen Oh, Co-Founder of Bitcoin ASIC Hosting:

Dell being a pillar in the data center industry allowing a new cutting edge technology to be included in their leading Tier 3 data centers is a huge step.
Dell also opening their doors to a smaller local company shows it has not forgotten it’s roots, and actively helps new start ups grow.

The move to a Dell Tier 3 data center is just the first step in the growth for the startup Bitcoin ASIC Hosting. They are in the process of building out a data center in Washington that takes advantage of the cheap hydroelectric green energy.
Currently, Bitcoin ASIC Hosting are running between 130 th/s to 160 th/s in the Dell data center. They can add up to an additional 4 MW of capacity at the Dell data center.

Bitcoin ASIC Hosting touts the following benefits of using a hosting center.

Bitcoin mining requires power-hungry, purpose-built servers running all out 24×7, so Bitcoin ASIC Hosting sought a co-location partner near low-cost energy sources to run its machines.

Bitcoin ASIC Hosting avoided higher-cost power and gained redundant connectivity, cooling and backup emergency power by colocating its high-performance PCs at the Dell Western Technology Center in Washington state.

• Avoided much higher power costs
• Launched colocated operations in less than 10 days
• Gained redundant network connectivity
• Increased hosting reliability and resiliency via backup power
• Improved its carbon footprint will have an exclusive interview and more information on Bitcoin ASIC Hosting, their hosting deal with Dell and build-out of their data center to expand their offerings.

Images from Bitcoin Asic Hosting, Dell, and Shutterstock.

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