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August 12, 2014 7:00 AM UTC

Bitcoin Adoption: 5 Ways to Make the Bitcoin Price Rise Without Being a Whale

As bitcoin adoption increases, so does the value. However, despite the massive number of companies and individuals transacting with bitcoins, it's still not a household name. How can you help to increase the value of a bitcoin by using your influence? I'll show you five ways…

Gorillas love Bitcoin. You should, too.

As bitcoin adoption increases, so does the value. However, despite the massive number of companies and individuals transacting with bitcoins, it’s still not a household name. How can you help to increase the value of a bitcoin by using your influence? I’ll show you five ways you may not be aware of that will increase bitcoin adoption. It’s not as hard as you might think, and it could even be fun and liberating.


Bitcoin Adoption Strategies

Bitcoin Adoption Strategy #1

If you own a company, try to get your employees interested in Bitcoin and allow them to have the option of being paid in bitcoins. Accept payments in bitcoin from your customers, and work with your suppliers to get them to accept bitcoin. The more your business allows for transacting in BTC, the less you’ll need to trade for fiat currency. That not only helps to keep the value of a Bitcoin on the rise, but it simplifies the way you handle your finances.

You won’t be paying excessive fees, you won’t be performing extra steps to exchange your currency, and you won’t be wasting time waiting for withdrawals and purchase order fulfillment. Your customers will love the convenience, your employees will have their pay without waiting for the bank to clear your checks, and your suppliers will benefit from the same lack of fees.

Bitcoin Adoption Strategy #2

Get a XAPO card or an ANX card to spend your bitcoins anywhere fiat money is accepted. Watch out though, they bite! I’m not talking about nibbles, but full on chomps as they eat your money up in fees. You can get around the fees in many ways with XAPO, but ANX, not so much. The problem is that XAPO refuses to do business with its motherland, the USA, as well as India as they haven’t yet figured out how to perform their services legally in those countries. They did say that they’re working on making their card available to the USA and India, so let’s hope this happens sooner rather than later.

The benefit of having these bitcoin debit cards is that merchants may still use their fiat card systems to accept bitcoin. The companies, including websites, don’t have to do anything at all in order to allow customers to transact in BTC. The drawback is that the merchants who accept bitcoins in this way will receive fiat currency somehow. It’s unclear if XAPO and ANX are exchanging the bitcoin spent with the cards to fiat money, but it’s highly plausible. Therefore, that negates the ability to allow the value of a Bitcoin to rise by using this method if they do exchange the bitcoins for fiat.

Bitcoin Adoption Strategy #3

Give the Illuminati what they want with their one world currency. There isn’t much I agree with in the NWO, such as mass annihilation of most of the human race, but some things seem quite useful to the masses, such as bitcoin. If fiat currency dies out or is about to die out, then the value of a bitcoin will be soaring so high that many people might not even be financially capable of purchasing one full bitcoin. With the capabilities of cryptocurrency, and the mass inflation of national currencies, and the worthlessness of some, this will cause the more stable and modern cryptocurrencies to take their place. While fiat won’t be dead overnight, it is on the brink of extinction if Bitcoin becomes a household name, especially with its ever growing mass adoption.

Therefore, another helpful way to increase the value of a bitcoin is to make it your primary payment method. Do your best to get away from fiat currencies and save a bunch of your bitcoins for your future.

Bitcoin Adoption Strategy #4

Host an awareness party. That doesn’t have to be anything major like the ones we’ve written about in the past. You could host a get together with family and friends. Give them a lot of fun things to do with bitcoins. You could install wallets on your phone and give everyone $5 in free BTC. Tell everyone to go find the coolest stuff online for the money provided. After everyone has purchased something, take a vote to see who found the coolest thing for their money. No one can vote for himself/herself and whoever wins receives a $100 prize. Everyone gets to keep the stuff they ordered, of course. To fund this, you could get people to pitch in as much money as they can, or have everyone supply the food for the party or provide something else.

Would you rather make this even cheaper? Instead of handing out $5 in bitcoin and giving a cash prize to get everyone interested, you could have everyone do a search online for the coolest stuff. You buy the item voted as the coolest find and buy that item for the winner while teaching everyone how to make the transaction. Set a limit on your budget, and who knows, maybe you’ll want one of those cool gadgets for yourself as well.

Bitcoin Adoption Strategy #5

Make a YouTube series or promotional series of some kind. Bitcoin Girl got over 42,000 views in a month’s time. Can you do better? Maybe you’re more interested in making a documentary. It could be a lot of fun walking around your town on camera asking people if they’ve heard of Bitcoin, asking merchants what they think about Bitcoin, and so forth. Perhaps you have the aptitude for journalism and would like to help spread the word to our readers about the different goings-on in the community. CCN is one of the largest Bitcoin news networks on the planet and reaches hundreds of thousands of people each month, just like you. If there ever were a way to get the word out about Bitcoin, CCN is it.

Writing your thoughts in the comments below helps people to learn about your feelings on the article and helps us as journalists to gauge what you’re interested in and what to focus our efforts on in the future. For instance, I’ve read several comments from readers stating that our authors aren’t focusing on international aspects, but instead lumping everyone into a certain region. I’ve addressed this issue with our team, and one of our editors backed me up in saying that we need to focus on international aspects of things since we’re an international company. Needless to say, I’ve heard your voice and I’ve been working to make sure I learn about the international aspects of the stories I write on.

Another method to use media to aid in Bitcoin adoption is with the CCN forums. I’m always encouraging people to become active in the forums as this is how you can learn about things from the community and not just from our stories. If you want to hear about what you want to hear about, you just need to ask in the forums. While it may seem obvious once stated, you can have news custom tailored to you just by asking. Your response will be in the replies from other members of the community and often our news team will join in. So ask that burning question and find out the answer you’ve been dying to know!

Disclosure: Rick is fully invested in Bitcoin and has a pre-order XAPO card. The views contained in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of CCN.

Photo Credits: Gorillas come from Pixabay, and so do hearts and Bitcoin logos.

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